Change In Name to Change Destiny | Does Name Changing Astrology change your Destiny?

change in name astrology
Post Date: July 8, 2021

Change In Name to Change Destiny | Does Name Changing Astrology change your Destiny?

Can a name change change your destiny?

Everyone is directed towards fame and changing the letters of your name seems to be the solution for some. You may have heard about many name changes as per astrology and how helpful it has been for them. Name is just a unique identity for individual and its no surprise that your name is also linked to your destiny. The trend of name correction astrology has become popular after many celebrities have changed their name according to astrology and the impact has also been positive. There are many Indian and International celebrities who have indulged in changing name astrology and have reached their peak of their careers. Let us dive deeper into how impactful can a name change be according to astrology.


Name Correction according to Astrology

A numeric value is calculated by adding up the numbers of letters and after acquiring a single digit from it. It is one of the most interesting part of Numerology and is equally important when it come to deciding your fortune. Some people have changed their names in accordance to numerologist and have seen the destiny change for better. So if you have been thinking about talking to a Numerologist lately

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Changing Name as per Astrology

There are many methods in astrology and numerology if you want to go through a name change and some people have done it. To take benefits from name change, it is advised that your name selection must be done after taking an Astrology Consultation from reputable senior astrologers. Even if you don’t wish to go to an Astrologer physically, many reputable astrologers for name change can also be done online as they would be helping you and guiding you in the most accurate manner.

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Celebrities who changed their Names


The fact is not hidden from anyone that many rising celebrities like actors and actresses do change their names before being launched as one. They believe that name change could give them an opportunity to excel in whatever field they may be choosing. Many celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Mallika Sherawat and even AR Rehman have done it and have also basked in success after their name change. There is no doubt that they received fame after changing names and also were part of many interesting films as well.


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Does Lucky Name depend on Zodiac Sign?

Each zodiac sign has particular letters which are associated with stars and their planetary alignment. Let us see the letter associated with stars and planetary alignment. Astrology is just like gravity, we may not be able to track it in daily and shall continue to work in our Life . every persons name is associated with their Astrological signs. sometimes the name that you have may not be astrologically or numerically perfect and that is when people tend to go alter their spelling of their name for greater impact.


Aries is connected with the letters A, L, E, I, O

Taurus is associated with the letters B, V, U, W

Gemini is related with the letters K, CHH, GH, Q, C

Cancer is linked with DD, H

Leo sign is allied with M, TT

Virgo sign is connected with P, TTHH

Libra sign is associated with R, T

Scorpio sign is related to N, Y

Sagittarius sign linked with BH, F, DH

Capricorn sign is allied with KH, J

Aquarius sign is connected with G, S, Sh

Pisces sign is strongly connected with D, CH, Z, TH


Changing Name as per Numerology?

Let us give you a brief idea about how does a name change as per astrology takes place. Let us also find out how effective a name change be for the individual. The sum of the numbers associated with your name or your soul number and must be compatible to its friendly numbers.

You may as well consult a Numerologist Online and have your name checked and the possibilities behind it. They may be the best person to guide your limited success and may open doors to unlimited possibilities.

Just remember that

Great talent combined with numerology guidance can actually transform lives.


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