Vedic Astrology


The role of the 9 planets, the 12 zodiac signs and the 27 nakshatra is all that together decides what kind of life you will be living and experiencing. When you take some action as per your free [...]

RAVANA & his Astrological Endeavours

Happy Dussehra To All.. The day is celebrated as victory of good over evil. Though Ravana out of pride of becoming the most powerful being in the universe commits many serious crimes like kidnaping Sita, and troubling the [...]


As it’s Father’s Day today and above that a Sunday as well. Sun is the real father of all other planets from Mercury to Saturn. This is the day to celebrate fatherhood. Gift your father something that he’s [...]


Just as the wood exists in furniture, heat exists in fire, liquidity exists in water, similar the energy of the celestial planets exist In the human body. The object exists in the subject. The remedies like mantra chant, [...]


The day Saturday and it’s ruler being the strong headed, rigid and disciplinary Saturn. Let’s find out more facts about this cold and dry Saturn. Saturn in Sanskrit is called Shani. Shani also means to move slowly and [...]


As the day is Friday and it’s ruler being the auspicious Venus, the planet of all sorts of comforts and materiel pleasures. Let’s talk about this beautiful Venus. In Sanskrit it’s called “Shukra”. The deity  Shukrachaarya is [...]

Were You Born On A SATURDAY?

Were you born on a Saturday? If so then yours is a serious personality. Either you will be very hardworking or laid back. You like dark colours dark blue, black, dark brown and other dark shades of [...]