Vedic Vastu Sashtra


The day for celebrating achievements of women in various fields – cultural, political, social etc and their determination regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic or linguistic. The planet of beauty and comfort Venus represents women. A well placed [...]

The Ruthless Mars in Capricorn

As the aggressive and ruthless Mars has moved into the workaholic and sign of structure and rigidity ie. Capricorn sign, as such it’s more about action. Russia – Ukraine conflict can escalate from here and also possibly of [...]


The role of the 9 planets, the 12 zodiac signs and the 27 nakshatra is all that together decides what kind of life you will be living and experiencing. When you take some action as per your free [...]


As the day is Friday and it’s ruler being the auspicious Venus, the planet of all sorts of comforts and materiel pleasures. Let’s talk about this beautiful Venus. In Sanskrit it’s called “Shukra”. The deity  Shukrachaarya is [...]

Were You Born On A SATURDAY?

Were you born on a Saturday? If so then yours is a serious personality. Either you will be very hardworking or laid back. You like dark colours dark blue, black, dark brown and other dark shades of [...]

Celebrating 1st Anniversary , Thank you for being a part of our journey this year. Dear valued Clients, Well Wishers, Friends & Family: This Thanksgiving, we want to share our genuine appreciation with you. Without you, we would [...]


SEATING POSITIONS शौचे च सुखमासीनः प्रोह्रमुखो वावुदङ्मुखः। शिरः प्रावृत्य कर्णो वा मुक्तकच्छशिखोSपि वा।। (आयुर्वेद) The East or North facing seating position is advised for toilet.


CONST. DURING PREGNANCY गृहिणी गर्भिणी कर्तुर्यदि गर्भं न निक्षिपेत्। (मयमतम्) The construction of the building should not be started during the pregnancy of land lady.


VRIKSHAYURVED न च्छिन्द्याद् यदि तानन्यानन्तरे स्थापयेच्छुमान्। पुन्नागाशोकबकुलशमीतिलकचम्पकान्।। दाडिमीपिप्लीद्राक्षास्तथा कुसुममण्डपान्। जम्बीरपूगपनसद्रुमक्तकीभिर्जातीसरोजशतपत्रिकमल्लिकाभिः। यन्नारिकेलकदलीदसपाटलाभिर्युक्तं तदत्र भवनं श्रियमातनोति।। (मत्स्यपिराण) In case of difficulty in rooting out the unwanted, inauspicious trees, the auspicious tree like Ashok, Nagkeshar, Bakula, Shami, Champaka, Tilakpushpi, Flower plants, betal-nut, ketki, Malti, Chameli, Coconut, Banana, Shatpatri, Lotus, etc [...]