Free Weekly Horoscope Prediction 21st November to 27th November 2022 | Know What lies Ahead For You This Week

Free Weekly Horoscope
Post Date: October 22, 2022

Free Weekly Horoscope Prediction 21st November to 27th November 2022 | Know What lies Ahead For You This Week

Weekly Horoscope – From Monday to Sunday, Own the Week!

With the change of the week, fate can change, too. How is this upcoming week looking for you? A Weekly Horoscope ( రోజువారీ రాశి ఫలాలు ), is an astrological analysis of the planets and their movements during the week ahead. With that analysis, our team of expert astrologers, with years of experience backing Weekly Horoscope, give you the most accurate predictive guide for the week for each Zodiac Sign. Not only it can help you with the upcoming week, there is a lot more to unravel.

Along with astrological predictions of your overall week, the Weekly Horoscope (రోజువారీ రాశి ఫలాలు) can tell you if your week is going to be a breeze of fresh air or a walk on the thrones. What may come to your professional life, or if someone special is about to enter your personal life? If there is a health scare looking you in the eyes, or this week, the stars are looking bright!




Aries zodiac sign icons.

Aries/మేషరాశి /மேஷம் Weekly Horoscope (రాశి ఫలం)

this week would generate bright hopes of conjugal bliss however that won’t meet your standard of expectation. The order of events would bring unbearable disappointment and frustration. You would be losing your confidence and patience completely for the restoration of which you shall have to do breathing exercises and meditation and seek the advice of your parents. the week appear to be slightly positive as the advice of your parents, friends and in-laws shall prove fruitful. You also might go on a journey to refresh your mood. The confidence would start coming back gradually.

  • Health – the week is very bad for your health, happiness, confidence and patience.
  • Love and family relation – The planetary transit also indicates ray of hope for the betterment of relation between husband and wife. The misunderstanding with partner is likely to come to an end. Problem In your Love life talk to our expert
  • Professional life– your personal life is going to be normal and stable, you just need to put your energy in the right direction.


Taurus zodiac sign icons.

Taurus/వృషభ రాశి /ரிஷப ராசி Weekly Horoscope (రోజువారీ రాశి ఫలాలు)

Your expenses might increase suddenly and you are likely to go on a journey too however all these activities would create some hidden source of income for you. the week might keep you low confidence wise however good compatibility and the mutual cooperation between husband and wife especially for the purpose of increase in income shall prove effective. the week although there might remain some mood swings related problems however there would be sudden financial gains from speculation, lottery, gambling or some other unexpected source. These gains might come from family also.

  • Health – This week indicates that you might have to spend money in solving issues related to health problems.
  • Love and family relation – your family and partner will take care of you in your bad times.
  • Professional life-the week although there might remain some mood swings related problems however there would be sudden financial gains from speculation, lottery, gambling or some other unexpected source. These gains might come from family also.


Gemini zodiac sign icons.

Gemini/జెమిని /மிதுனம் Weekly Horoscope (రాశి ఫలం)

This week indicates that you would be spending money on education, your children, speculation, entertainment and love relation. The week is giving this indication that you would be confident in handling your enemies and expenses in this week. You would be happy while going on journeys. You will make plans to manage your expenses and competitive examinations.

  • Health- :Your health would remain perfect throughout the week and confidence would also not go down.
  • Love and family relation – you would be highly attached to your partner.The destiny and advice of partner shall help you earn more gains. Partners shall also be happy with you. There would be better compatibility between you and your partner. The conjugal bliss shall get enhanced.
  • Professional life- You would be a good strategist in terms of shaping your marketing plans during tough competition in the market.


Cancer zodiac sign icons.

Cancer/క్యాన్సర్ /கடக Rasi phalalu (రోజువారీ రాశి ఫలాలు)

This week indicates that you would be spending money on the health of your mother and maintenance of your vehicle and house. Although you would be near your native place but some mental agonies won’t keep you very happy. You might suffer from the problems of mood swings. You are advised not to take up a new task during this time and avoid going on a journey. Keep your patience intact so that you do not become victim of unnecessary mental tensions. You would also spend on entertainment related activities. Your emotional relations shall get strengthened suddenly. You would also spend money for solving litigation matters, curing health problems etc.

  • Health- Your health wont be in a very good condition, you need to take care of your health.
  • Love and family relation – You personal life will be normal with few ups and downs.
  • Professional life-This is favorable time for speculative activities like gambling, lottery and share market investment.

Leo zodiac sign

Leo zodiac sign icons.

Leo/ సింహరాశి/ சிம்மம் Weekly Horoscope (Rasi Phalam)

Your social activities shall be at its peak in the beginning of the week. Your social reputation shall get enhanced as you would succeed in establishing better social relations on account of your working efficiency and your habit of doing things quickly. the week there would be lot of stress and mental tensions coming in your way because of some house or property related tensions. the week would be better for making plans regarding the up gradation of your education, future of your children, techniques of developing better emotional relations, creating opportunities of better entertainment and share market investment.

  • Health- You need to take care of the health of your mother.
  • Love and family relation – You would shine like a star among your family members, relatives and friends because of this unique working ability which would help you earn better social reputation too.
  • Professional life- This whole week would be perfectly fine for your financial position.


Virgo zodiac sign icons.

Virgo/ కన్య /கன்னி Rasi phalalu (రాశి ఫలం)

You can expect prosperity in the family. In the mid of the week the physical and mental health shall be perfect. Your working efficiency shall get enhanced with the moral support of family members. In addition to that your social activities would earn you lot of reputation. the week indicates that you would be taking interest in making some development in matters related to property. This is also a right time for the repair of vehicle or maintenance of house.

  • Health- Your health will be fine and stable.
  • Love and family relation –this week is indicating attachment with family and an increase in your saving potential. You would speak sweetly with all as a result of which you would be enjoying the support and cooperation of all.
  • Professional life- You will put in great efforts for strengthening your business skills.


Weekly Horoscope

Libra zodiac sign icons.

Libra/తులారాశి /துலாம் Weekly Horoscope (Rasi Phalam)

This week all your energies will be directed to attain the prosperity, progress and unity in the family.The cooperation of your children and advice of mother would prove instrumental for enhancing prosperity in the family. There is possibility of celebration of some auspicious ceremony in the middle of the week. There would be few problems of mood swings however it shall be an auspicious Muhurat for worshipping goddess Kali. you are advised not to get into any type of argument with anybody as otherwise your mental peace might get affected unnecessarily. During weekend days you would be spending lot of time with your kith and kin.

  • Health- Your health shall remain perfectly fine throughout the week.
  • Love and family relation – there would be great signs of attachment, harmony and mutual cooperation in the family. The support of family members shall help you consolidate your saving potential. You would be getting affection of your friends and relatives.
  • Professional life-you will have a good professional life and you will be able to do all your with full energy.


Scorpio zodiac sign icons.

Scorpio/వృశ్చిక రాశి /விருச்சிகம் Weekly Horoscope (Rasi Phalam)

This week won’t be very auspicious for your state of mind. You are advised not to lose your temper. It would be better not to get into an argument unnecessarily. Keep your-self calm and cool and meditate on regular basis. There would be unity among all family members and all of you would put in lot of efforts for bringing prosperity and development in family.

  • Health- Take care of your health as there might be some ups and downs, in this part.
  • Love and family relation –During the weekend days you would be witnessing an atmosphere of love, laughter, peace, mutual harmony and financial prosperity at home.
  • Professional life- Support of everybody at workplace and home would be the reason of biggest happiness. You would become a hot favorite of all.
Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius zodiac sign icons.

Sagittarius/ ధనుస్సు రాశి / தனுசு Weekly Horoscope (రాశి ఫలం)

The planetary transit in the mid days of the week indicates financial losses, unnecessary expenditure of energy and money. You would be frustrated because of this negative situation and in addition to that you would be facing lot of humiliation without any fault of yours therefore you are advised not to lose your patience so that your confidence remains intact. Be optimistic and don’t give-up hopes but for the time being it would be better to postpone the Muhurat of undertaking any new activity. Your success in restoring working efficiency and confidence would prove to be very average.

  • Health-the week gives an indication of lethargy, tiredness, physical weakness, lack of confidence and energy. You would put efforts to cope with the stress coming out from so tiring and frustrating situations.
  • Love and family relation – You would also be seeking the support of your elder brothers. They might support and co-operate you but their support won’t prove beneficial for you.
  • Professional life-The gains would be very average however you won’t leave any stone unturned in converting ordinary deals into more profitable.


Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn zodiac sign icons.

Capricorn/ మకరరాశి /மகரம் Weekly Horoscope (Rasi Phalam)

This week is beneficial to worship any black God and Goddess and this type of remedy would eventually prove beneficial for overcoming the malefic influence of planets. More financial gains are likely. Your expenses would remain uncontrolled. You might have to go on some tiresome journeys which might cause problems like loss of health and money and in the process the problem of mood swings is sure to chase. Don’t get irritated, postpone important task, work with patience and try not to lose your confidence.

  • Health- Eat healthy and there might be problems related to stomach and stress. Do some meditation and yoga.
  • Love and family relation –you will have an average family and love life.
  • Professional life- The week is perfectly fine for your work and for getting desired support from subordinates. Your bosses would favor you for your excellence at work. The business and gains would increase. Those in job might get some good news regarding the up gradation of their job profile.


Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius zodiac sign icons.

Aquarius/కుంభ రాశి /கும்பம் Rasi phalalu (రాశి ఫలం)

This week is giving an indication of betterment in your position and to refresh and revitalize yourself you are advised to go on a journey to a beautiful hill station of tourist attraction along with your partner. This journey would not only prove fruitful for the enhancement of compatibility between husband and wife but also bring a relief from the tensions you are facing presently. This is most suitable Muhurat for worshiping Goddess Kali. The remaining days of the week are going to be excellent for sudden gain of money and increase in income because of your glorious performance in your area of work. The advice, support and cooperation of partner and siblings would be an additional advantage for your increase in the inflow of money.

  • Health-You will be at the top with your energy and health.
  • Love and family relation –This is also a good time for betterment of relations with partner.
  • Professional life-the week would prove excellent for your professional life and you might attain the desired recognition on professional front.


Pisces zodiac sign

Pisces zodiac sign icons.

Pisces/మీన రాశి /மீனம் Weekly Horoscope (రాశి ఫలం)

this week shall be more frustrating however the possibility of some sudden financial gains would restore your happiness and confidence. This time is favorable for getting some ray of hope regarding secret gain. the week is auspicious for worshiping goddess Kali. This special prayer would bring favor of destiny. You are likely to visit the temple of any black God or Goddess.

  • Health-Your health will be average during this week.
  • Love and family relation – Give time to your family and loved once as that is going to play a very big part in your happiness.
  • Professional life- the week is giving indication of betterment on professional front with the hidden support of seniors. Your unique talent of management in handling the complicated issues would win special recognition as you would earn fame by turning government and authority in your favor but remember some seniors shall be jealous of you and they might develop a tendency to conspire against you so don’t disclose your plan of action to others.

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