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Post Date: September 16, 2020

Career Astrology | Career Horoscope | Career Astrology Prediction

The tenth house is considered the most important in terms of livelihood and career. Apart from this, for the career, we also give important status to the second and best sense in which the tenth house is our karma field, whatever work we do determines the tenth house and tenth house. Apart from this, the most important sense of life is the second house or money place. With this, the reputation and wealth of a person is also assessed. Then it is important to have a discussion of the best place which is of service and job. Best place is also our enemy place and from this traders also get customers. If the position of the best house in the horoscope, the sun horoscope or the lunar horoscope is not right, then we do not get success in job or business.

Therefore, if the relationship between 2, 6, 10 expressions for career is not good, then we do not get success in life. If there is more enemy spirit than this, then we can neither be successful in job nor in business. Apart from this, there are some more astrological principles with which we can easily determine our career and occupation. If we believe in Jaimini method, only the planet that is self-effacing and non-influential determines our career. Similarly, if the highest number of marks in the octave is in the tenth house, then one’s career is chosen automatically. Estimation of astrology is just necessary. Astrological principles in career determination

1. For career determination, choose the one which is more beautiful in horoscope, lunar horoscope, sun horoscope.

2. What is the position of tenth house and tenth tithes.

3. What is the position of Dashmesh and Navamsha.

4. Livelihood is considered by the lord of the tenth house, by the planets sitting in the tenth house and according to the planet in which the tenth house is in the ninth month.

From the point of view of astrology, if the tithe is in a strong position in auspicious place in any person’s horoscope, then it gives excellent prospects in the field of livelihood and if the tithe is in the best, eighth, twelfth house or weak, then there will be loss in employment, business. is. If the relation of the tenth house of the tenth house is related to the tenth house and tenth and the eleventh house, then the success of the job is more successful and if the second house is related to the seventh, fifth, eleventh house then the business gets success. If the seventh house position is strong then the business is very successful. Career interpretation by the octave is the most important of any method. It is described by Maharishi Parashar in the Brihatparashar Horashastra. The octave is composed of seven planets and lagna.This calculates Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Lagna. These seven planets keep changing at all times. If this condition is auspicious, then auspicious results are inauspicious, then inauspicious results are obtained.

Sarvashtakavarga is a class or horoscope in this discipline with the help of which the result is accurate and becomes very easy. In the Sarvashtakavarg, the price in which there is more point is definitely received and in which there is less point, the fruit is not good. Many times, a planet in the horoscope is not able to give fruits despite being high. In this situation, if it is calculated from the octave, then it is known that perhaps the auspicious point is less, hence the fruit is not being obtained. High planets or low planets are not important in this. If there are 28 or more points in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and lagna house in the Sarvashtakavarga, and there are fewer points in the tenth house and more points in the eleventh house and the number of points of the spending house is less, then the native is rich, prosperous and If there is more points in the expense and less points in the profit, then the person is poor.

Role of Ashtakavarga in Career and Business If the person has more than 28 points in the tenth place in the Sarvashtakavarga, the native automatically carries on his business and if he is less than the tenth house in the best house, then the person does the job. If there are more points in the best place, the person works under a job or someone. If Saturn is more in the tenth position then the job is of higher status and if it is less point then position is normal in business or in job. If more points are in the eleventh house than the tenth, then the person gets more fruit with less effort. Along with this, by knowing the planet’s position and the position of the planets in the position of the planets according to their position and position of the points, we can know the profit and loss in the job or business. This horoscope has Cancer ascendant and 29 points in the tenth house and 40 points in the eleventh house and 29 points in the expense house. The native has his own business and is very rich.

In this horoscope, there are 33 points in the best position, but from the 21st point in the seventh house, the person could not succeed in the job and there is a lot of profit in the business. The important thing in this is that more than the tenth digit is in the eleventh house, the tenth house is of the karma, the person is taking more profit by doing business on his own and there cannot be much profit in the job because you are limited business was more successful. Similarly, the position of the points in the tenth house and the eleventh house is opposite, as if there are 40 points in the tenth house and 29 points in the eleventh house, then the person gets success in the job. There may not be much benefit in this situation. Different-2 planets have their 2-different effects. If we look at the horoscope horoscope then the planet of the highest degree of self-determination determines our work occupation. The causality of different planets is as follows.

Surya: Governance is good, good businessman, high official, government contractor, lead, administrative officer, doctor, surgeon, grain business, Sun is strong. Moon: Silver, ice, food items, decorations, sailors, navy, fisheries, dairy, medicine, air hostess, liquor etc. Success in business or job. Mangal: Success in the Arms Department, Police, Management, Machinery Department, Butchers, Army, Police, Fire Summons, Engineers etc., Land and houses. Mercury: Clerk, accountant, accounting book, sports, reporter, postal department, stenographer, messenger, telecom department, insurance, brokerage, writing, journalism, astrology etc.

Guru: Ambassador, science, education, teacher, lawyer, spokesperson, priest, priest of religious places, cashier, philosopher, literature, travel agent etc. Venus: Success in the fields of diamonds, gems, jewelery, foreign exchange, dance, singing, playing, film artists, media, music, etc. Fashion, art, floral makeup decorator. Shani: Coal, fuel, contractor, judge, philosopher, law expert, cremator, ice cream maker, bone, leather shoe slippers municipal, jamadar etc. Now we should see which planet is related to the factor, from which we should choose that region. In the horoscope horoscope like the Sun is 280 and is the strongest, then the native will be related to the government sector or will do a government job. If it does business, then trade will be in which there is a government sector such as railways or contracting of government sectors etc. Similar relations are also with other planets.

According to the Jaimini principle, if the Sun or Venus is in the lagna place in the factorial horoscope, then the person is related to the state or government sector. If there is a lunar in the lagna place in the Virgo horoscope and Venus is related to it, it is related to teaching or fancy areas. If Moon is related to Mercury, a career in medical medicine and medicine representative is excellent. In the case of Mars, the position of Mars gives success in the field of police, army, land, house, chemicals, defense etc.

If Mercury is in the Ascendant Ascendant, then the person is successful in the field of business, consultants and education and in the field of communication. If the factor is related to Saturn or if Saturn is in the aspect of Lagna, then it makes iron, leather, wine and slaves. Saturn is also a factor of nya. The person makes a living by becoming a magistrate, judge. If Ketu is in the fifth place from the lagna lagna, then the person is a mathematician and if Mars is situated in the fifth house from the lagna, the court gives success in the court etc

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