Lucky VASTU ITEMS to keep in HOUSE or OFFICE for Luck and Wealth | Best Vastu items for Home

Post Date: April 12, 2021

Lucky VASTU ITEMS to keep in HOUSE or OFFICE for Luck and Wealth | Best Vastu items for Home

Lucky things to keep in house, how to attract good luck and wealth, how to attract money at home, good luck tips for money, home remedies to attract money, lucky Vastu Items and its importance, why vastu shastra is important. We bring you some of the Vastu items for Home that is sure to add Positivity and Luck to your space. We will also highlight more about the benefits of using Vastu items for bedroom, living room and where to place them in Office. There are many Vastu items associated with various remedies so you must know the best Vastu item for Home or Office, that you wish to add to your space.



Small things make a lot of difference. We are always trying hard to add luck, wealth and prosperity in our life but yet we feel that there are more that we can add to our workspace or home that balances the energy and adds positivity to our space and ultimately in our Life. There are many Vastu products that are associated with different aspects of your life. If we understand the reasons behind each product, we will be able to find our remedies for the situations we are facing. So, this blog is how we would like to enlighten you about what all products can we add to fill our home and office with happiness, luck, good health and Fortune.


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LUCKY VASTU ITEMS | Benefits and Significance of VASTU ITEMS

As per ancient beliefs, each house comes with their own positive energy!  all we have to understand the deep meaning of the products which fill your home with happiness, good luck, and fortune.

The main principle of Vastu is to form a balance within the science of directions that mixed with all the 5 parts of nature: air, earth, water, area and hearth with the aim to boost health, wealth, good luck and prosperity.

Vastu products are connected with our daily life and they are play a vital role to bring luck and happiness. In some life vastu products may not be essential important, but it is helpful for a healthier life and a positive energy.




Now a days people usually attempt to take Vastu guidelines for that their house and offices, to commence luck and fortune. Do you still know what vastu items are good for your space? From maintaining income to business stability.  It’s believed that Vastu will play an important role in everything that you do in workplace. Vastu product adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity. Behind the use of Vastu products lies a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow it. As we have a tendency to have a higher desire, better and happy life.

Want to raise the energy in your home? We’ve some lucky Vastu products you need to keep your house and office bright and brighter.


  • Sampoorna Kuber Yantra – It is devoted to Lord kuber is the lord of wealth and prosperity in Hindu culture. To achieve wealth and success in life you can install the kuber yantra in your home and office. This is powerful yantra and has a power to attract the principles of lord kuber. It helps in business growth, achieving your career and opens a new source of income.


  • Water Fountain – The best place to install water fountain at your place is in the north direction. When you install a water fountain, it not only attracts the beauty of house but brings joy, peace and good luck to your house and office. Flowing water symbolizes the flow of money, love and blissful.


  • Crystal Ball – It is regarded as a very powerful method to maintain balance in the space and atmosphere. To bring healing energy and absorbs the negative energy and transfer into positive energy you can install crystal ball in your house and office. Crystal ball assist you to avoid such troubles and to create mutual affection within the family.


  • Crystal Tortoise – It helps in maintaining peace and removing negative energy. So, while keeping crystal tortoise in house and office, firstly the place has to purified. It is use for long life, remove stress, give concentration in your studies, brings good luck, attract wealth.


  • Abhrak – It is a symbol of prosperity. Use as a spiritual healing property, spread energy, and protects from evil shadow. Keep abhrak in room it will protect you from jealousy and anger and also keeping in your wallet give you success in life especially with money and mentality.



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