Does my Kundali has a Govt Job Yog ? Online Govt job prediction by date of birth

Govt Job prediction
Post Date: April 1, 2021

Does my Kundali has a Govt Job Yog ? Online Govt job prediction by date of birth

Worried about Job? A Well-placed Sun and Moon boost the chances of getting a Government job. A Govt job prediction by date of birth can be the right tool to determine if you have a Govt Job yog. Your Horoscope reflects the kind of job you may get and here we will discuss about getting a govt job prediction by date of birth free online. In India there is always a craze about getting a Government job and it stars from your early days. Your Astrology plays a big role in determining if your Kundali has govt job, so let us find out the factors that influence your chances of getting a Govt Job through Astrology. A Consultation can be determined through govt job prediction from expert astrologers


Govt Job


Why use Astrology while selecting Career?

You may have doubts and choices to make when it comes to your Career but never consider astrology to find your remedies. Can astrology predict Career? Firstly it is important to understand that your desire and destined job may not be the same and also that your current job may just be a ladder towards your dream Govt Job but how can you know about it? A 10 minute Job consultation by date of birth online can be the touch your career needs. So have you consulted an Expert Astrologer to determine your Career line yet?


Which planets and houses determine Govt Job in Astrology?

Sun and Moon are the Royal planets that determine Govt Job in your Horoscope. So, these Royal planets and Signs has a prominent role to play in deciding Govt Job. One of the most important planets is Sun. Sun is also the king of the planets and for a Govt job you need to have the strength of Sun in your Horoscope. Sun is the important blog for fame and recognition or jobs. There are always remedies and instant government job prediction astrology could give you the direction your life needs.


Importance of Moon in your Horoscope

The second most important planet for getting a Government job is Moon. It is one of the important factors besides the Sun. The Sun and the Moon have to be very strong for the bureaucrats and also for students studying to be part of a Govt service or Foreign service. Your govt job prediction by date of birth shall be determined by the position of Sun and Moon in your horoscope and the consultation can be efficiently used to increase the chances of getting a Government job to a great extent. So, have you done your prediction yet?

Government job in my horoscope

Can i get a government job?

Need help choosing your Career direction?

When we discuss about dream job or Govt job in your horoscope, the role of Saturn cannot be underestimated. Saturn is the third most important planet in your horoscope after the Sun and the Moon. It must also be understood that Saturn is the significator of Karata for Career prediction in your Horoscope and also indicates service and job. So the blessing of the Saturn is very much important for you to achieve your Dream Govt Job and so the blessing of the Saturn must also be evaluated before you decide that Govt Job is your thing.

Get your Consultation today and determine if the Saturn is prominent in your Horoscope


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Career prediction as per your Chart

Following are some of the parameters, as per astrology, which determine the professional success and wealth and status of an individual:


Houses     Relates to

Second Wealth
Sixth Jobs, services, career
Ninth Fortune
Tenth Job, profession
Eleventh Income
Sun Public & Govt. Sector Jobs, Leadership, Career, Physician, Politics, Authority, Position, Medicine
Saturn Coal, Mining, Service, Labor
Jupiter Intelligence, Fame, Success, Knowledge, Good Luck,
Mercury Insurance, Media, Railway, Communication, Accounts, Journalism
Venus Literature, Creativity, Music, Designing, Arts
Mars Surgeon, Lawyer, Defence
Moon Travel, Marine, Fishery, Sailing


Note from the Senior Astrologer

There are many questions that people consult us for everyday:

  • When will I get a Government job?
  • Will I get a Government Job?
  • Is there a Government Job yog in my Horoscope?
  • When will I get a job?
  • When will I get my dream job?

It must be understood that the above combinations may not be present in a single chart but if you can determine the number of positive yogs in your horoscope, your doubts about the chances of getting a Govt Job can be known. Our Senior astrologers do this everyday and we also provide remedies in case some of the combinations are not prominent

So take no chance and Consult to an Astrologer for Job yog in your Horoscope today


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