Top 10 Home Vastu Tips for Bedroom You Must Know In 2022

Vastu Tips For Bedroom
Post Date: March 30, 2022

Top 10 Home Vastu Tips for Bedroom You Must Know In 2022

Home vastu tips for bedroom: There are times when no matter what we try our sleep doesn’t get completed or there are regular fights between couples. As a result, you feel disturbed or unhappy. Therefore, when problems like this keep on arising you should understand there is some Vastu dosh. Vastu shastra for home or Vastu tips are age-old science of architecture that people use from ancient times for happy and prosperous life. In this blog, we have brought you 10 must-know Home Vastu Tips for Bedroom.

These Vastu tips for the bedroom help you to decide where your bed should be in the bedroom or which colour your walls should be Bedroom Vastu tips are very essential topic as per Vastu shastra as this can solve half of the problems of your life and make your life stress free and happyHere we have given Easy Vastu tips for home and these are defined here with details and logic. We will discuss all major and minor points of Vastu shastra for bedroom and feng shui for bedroom. Which is very important topics in modern times. According to vastu bedroom color and bed direction are closely interlinked. Plants which will enhance your positivity and air flow of your house.

Here are top 10 home vastu tips for bedroom

1) Direction of your bed and bedroom as per vastu

Your master bedroom should be in the southwest direction of the house. In Vastu shastra it is important the head should be in the south direction. The second position is east and west but never try to keep your head north. Northeast bedroom is not good for the married couple and for the senior-most family members.

Vastu Tips for bedroom

2)  Colour of your bedroom as per vastu shastra 

Use pastel colors like light pink, yellow, light green which are soothing for eyes as the color of your bedroom walls. Bed cover, and pillow cover too as it help soothing your mind and keep the environment full of positivity. Don’t use black, gray, brown colors on walls according to bedroom Vastu tips.

Bedroom vastu tips

3) The bed and furniture 

Bed should not be made of any metal. It should be made out of wood and there should be no metal cladding on any furniture inside your bedroom. As metal bed disturb your sleep and increase your health problems. Where as wooded bed helps you sleep well and keep you cozy. Also you one single queen size mattress rather than using two mattes.

Bed and furniture

4) Thing to avoid in your bedroom as per vastu

Vastu bedroom is a very sensitive topic. There should be no waste material like broken paintings, stop-watches, etc. according to Vastu shastra. Don’t keep any picture of god in the bedroom. Try and keep couple picture like two birds or to rabbit or any green lushly picture of forest or garden.

Thing to avoid in your bedroom

5) Bedroom decoration for positivity

As per vastu you should use ceramic wind chain in your bedroom. Keep lavender flower or lavender flavor essential oil or candle as that is the best aroma. Keep some indoor plants and some White flowers in the North direction or Red fresh flowers in the southwest.

Bedroom decoration

6) Bathroom position 

There should not be any bathroom or water tank above your bedroom. If it’s there change your bedroom immediately that’s a very bad sign according to Vastu.

7) Lights of your bedroom

In the evening time you should keep your room lights on. As there are lot of energy flowing during the evening time when we keep our lights on we invite the good energies and even helps to increase your finance.

Lights of your bedroom

8) Important Mantra according to vastu

Both the partners should chant “Om Namah Shivaya” every day. Mantras are a very power full instruments in vastu shastra and vedic science. Therefore, if any couple chant “Om Namah Shivaya” daily the vibration will help the bonding of the relationship.

Important Mantra "Om Namah Shivaya"

9) Sampoorna vastu yantra

Sometimes it is not possible to break a wall if the bedroom isn’t in the right direction. Even maintain all the things according to vastu. A vatsu yantra removes all the negative effects of Vastu dosh. It removes negative energy from home and brings positivity.

Sampoorna Vastu Yantra

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10) Some extra vastu tips

Clean your house in every Amavasya. Make some sweets on Friday have them together it will increase your love.

In conclusion, these are some Vastu tips for the bedroom I hope you all will like them. We Sri Astro Vastu is Pioneer and Popular in Vedic Astrology & Vastu Consultant. It is a recognized institution for rendering quality services in astrology, Vedic sciences, and Vastu. So if you have any vastu related question or quarry, talk to our vastu expert.

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