Instant Astrology Prediction and Birth Chart Online based on your Date of Birth

kundli from date of birth and time of birth online
Post Date: June 29, 2021

Instant Astrology Prediction and Birth Chart Online based on your Date of Birth

Create Kundli Online Easily based on Date of Birth

Our Online Kundli is a must for everyone and the modern technology has helped transform kundli from being handwritten to being published digitally for future reference. Our Kundli from date of birth, time and place of birth is of great importance for your Future Prediction. So, what is the need for kundli? Kundli also known as horoscope represents the positions of the planet during your time of birth. Astrology is like gravity; you may not see it but it matters and exist. An accurate kundli is the basis of past, present and future prediction along with remedies to your problems that doesn’t seem to end. Generating your kundli online has become so easy and all it requires is the correct information of your Birth and your chart is created in just a few hours

Let us discuss everything that your Online Kundli prediction should have and simple way to create it online




Generate your Birth Chart Online from Sri Astro Vastu

Sri Astro Vastu allows you to create your birth chart online can be done online nowadays from the comfort of your home. Online Kundli creation just requires your date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth. A Birth Chart or Kundli is created keeping in mind the planetary positions during the time of birth and it is what gives accuracy to the Birth Chart. As we stated above the movement of the celestial bodies and their positioning co relates the events on earth. The positioning of planets helps trace the basis of the Life Events and the possibilities of future happenings in a detailed and accurate way.



Understanding different houses and their Significance

Each kundli is divided into 12 bhavas or divisons. These bhavas relate to different life events that can occur at different phases of your Life. We would again like to emphasize that Astrology is what can happen in your Life and not just about what will happen. So before you create your birth chart, we would like to assist you to understand the importance of several houses in your houses and what they represent.



First House: The First house represents Self and your physical attributes

Second House: The Second house represents wealth, finance and family members

Third House: Third house represents siblings, communication and your efforts

Fourth House: Fourth House represents relation with mother, property and fixed assets

Fifth House: Fifth House represents your education, creativity and child after marriage

Sixth House: Sixth House represents your debt, diseases, competitiveness and challenges

Seventh House: Seventh House represents marriage and characteristics of your partner

Eighth House: Eight house represents longevity, in-laws and wealth of an individual.

Ninth House: Ninth House represents luck, religion, father’s health and Guru

Tenth House: Tenth House represents your Karma and your reputation in the society.

Eleventh House: Eleventh house represents inflow of income as well as gains during your life span.

Twelfth House: Twelfth House is the house of Moksha, Spirituality and highlights Expenditure




How does Influence of Planets affect

Everything that happens in our Life is directly related to the planetary influence in your horoscope. Each movement and transitions are directly related to the good, bad, favourable and unfavourable happening in your Life. As the Moon sometimes causes high tides and Low Tides, despite being hundreds of miles away, the Future prediction is also based on the position of the Planets. Your Online Kundli created by Birth of date shall be helpful for astrologers to predict your future and everything else you want to know about your Life. Your birth date astrology reading and consultation shall help predict impactful decisions in life.



Kundli Creation with Future Prediction/ Varshphal

Our kundli from with date of birth, place of birth and time of birth is accurate and the best part is that we also provide you future predictions along with future prediction or Varshaphal. It makes it easy for clients from all fields of Life to understand and implement remedies stated. Varshphal is an additional feature that we have added to your kundli and this makes our Birth Chart or Kundli one of the most important charts that you must have. Let us understand the Birth Chart in details and what it highlights.


Sri Astro Vastu has added a perfect blend the powerful knowledge of ancient Vedic Astrology with the latest technology to prepare and Accurate kundli or guide for your present happening and your Future possibilities.


  • Accurate life predictions & remedies on all aspects of your life
  • Favourable & unfavourable period during the year based on your Birth Chart.
  • Understanding the impact of various planetary positions on your Life
  • Online Kundli compiled by the best Astrologers from all over India
  • Future prediction with 5- or 10-years horoscope to give an Insight into your Future
  • Impactful Remedies to your problems based on your kundli
  • Discover various doshas in your Kundli and how to lessen their impact
  • Understanding the effects of the Doshas which helps maintaining a balance in Life
  • Mantras that you can chant to help lessen the Doshas in your Horoscope


A Consultation can end your Life Problems


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