New born baby jathagam | Birth chart in Tamil | Child Astrology

New born baby jathagam
Post Date: June 8, 2022

New born baby jathagam | Birth chart in Tamil | Child Astrology

New born baby jathagam is one of the most common things in India. From Ancient times we give utmost importance to Jathagam for new born baby. As it tells us about the most important things about that child like career, education, marriage, health, profession, etc. Everything is taken into consideration with the help of a New born baby ஜாதகம். New born baby jathagam is a guide map of all the positions of the planets and stars in the sky at the time of that Child’s birth.

New born baby jathagam | பிறந்த குழந்தையின் ஜாதகம்

When a new born baby arrives in your life, it is supposed to be the most memorable and celebrating moment in any family. This newborn baby jathagam report is specially made for parents who want to know their newborn child’s moon sign, stars, Naming letters, etc. Most of the time parents may not be able to contact Astrologer immediately after childbirth, at that time this New born baby jathagam is going to be very helpful for them to see their child’s Astrological details after birth.


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From ancient times it is assumed that planets are captured or placed in the sky during the birth of a child in such a way that its specific alignment gives us the results of our past karmas. They bring forth the results of our past good or bad deeds in the form of various combinations, dasha, placements, and associations of the planets. Primarily, an astrological chart is a foremost thing a child possesses. In Hinduism everyone to have a kundalini. With the knowledge of the future, the person can plan their course of action accordingly to tackle challenges, vulnerabilities, and hardships that may arise ahead.

Talk to the best astrologers to know about the future of your child. For example, what is the kind of psychology your child is going to inculcate? Whether your child will be a peacemaker or troublemaker? What kind of character he or she is going to overtake?



New born baby jathagam


Importance of Having a Birth Chart

New born baby jathagam has a lot of importance and information about the new born baby. With accurate information of his birth of date, place of birth, and the time of the birth, a kundli or  ஜாதகம் can be prepared.

  • jathagam predicts in advance how a child’s life will be or what will be the status of his life. Most importantly, it explains in detail the personality traits, attributes, and preferences of the person as well.
  • A birth chart can also tell about the lucky color, lucky number, etc, of a person.
  • Birth chart can also tell about the health issues and problems that a person may have to face in upcoming years.
  • Our birth chart is the prime tool to handle the uncertainties and vulnerabilities of life.
  • It can even analyse about your marriage life and partner.
  • It can even tell us about our financial conditions, love life, profession, health, career, and family relations.

We at Sri Astro vastu prepare accurately New born baby jathagam , by keeping every aspect in our mind and we even try to keep it budget-friendly. Let us give you a brief on what will you get in your New born baby jathagam if you take it from us.


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What does Our Sri Astro Vastu Child’s Life Report have?

  • Child’s Birth Chart – this includes different types of charts like Lagna chart, Moon chart, etc. which helps the astrologer to predict the Child’s future, personality, etc.
  • Child’s Nakshatra Phal – It tells about the Nakshatra in which the child was born. It even provides the “Paya” of a child on parents, siblings, etc.
  • Favorable points – it provides you with all the favorable points about the baby. Which will help in the upcoming future
  • Rudraksha Recommendation – As we all know there is various kind of Rudraksha and each has different usage and significance. This will provide you with the proper Rudraksha Recommendation needed for the Newborn baby.
  • Sade-Sati Consideration and Remedies – It will provide you with the Sade-Sati years. The Starting and ending dates from beforehand only, and even provide the remedies.
  • Strength of Planet in Horoscope- It will give you a brief analysis of the planets which are strong in your baby’s chart and which planets are weak.
  • Child’s Education – It will inform you about how your child’s education is going to be
  • Child’s Profession – It will even tell you which will be the best profession for your child.
  • Manglik Vichar – It will give you a brief analysis what is your child’s Mangalik Vichar
  • Auspicious Name – It will give you suggestions for the names you can keep for your child.
  • Physique, Health, and Nature – It gives you information about your child’s health and the health issues they might face.
  • Personality Analysis – a brief personality analysis of the child comes with it.
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga – It is briefly described if your child has Kaal Sarp Yogo id yes what kind of Kaal Sarp Yoga does he have.
  • Astrological Remedies, Predictions, and lots more – you even will get remedies and much more information.


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New born baby Astrology Predictions

New born baby Astrology Predictions In Sri Astro Vastu, your most genuine astrologer is just a click away. You will be New born baby astrology prediction services at your fingertips, available 24×7. One can avail New born baby jhatagam along with its in-depth analysis by our astrologer at our website. New born baby jathagam provided by Sri Astro Vastu is accurate and error-free. For a more detailed analysis of your New born baby online ஜாதகம். You can have one-on-one telephonic consultations also. In other words, the closest interaction you can have over the phone with an astrologer. Other than a consultation in person.

Astrologer Sridhara is one of the best astrologers in Bangalore. Who has an experience of 10+ Years. With international acclamation and having knowledge in different fields of Astrology. His specialization is Finance, love, career, marriage and divorce prediction. He was born into an astrologer’s family, Hence learnt Astrology from his Grandfather. He was also Awarded as Jyotish Shiroman. At a young age he recognized his potential as an astrologer. He wanted to help the people who were in suffering. His predictions are very Unique and Authentic and give Permanent Solutions to your problems.


What is the Rashi of new born baby?

Rashi is the moon sign of a person. Hence, a new born baby jhatagam will have all the necessary information. You will want to know about your baby.

How do I know my new born baby name letter?

No need to worry about finding right letters for your newborn name . the first letter of the name of the child is always chosen based on the birth star and nakshatra . In our new born baby report we suggest you letters and names.

How do I know my newborn baby Nakshatra?

You will need the time of birth and place of birth your baby to find out the nakshatra of your baby. These information helps in calculating the position of the moon at the time of your baby birth, hence the nakshatra is being calculate accordingly.

How do I name my baby by date of birth?

As per astrology baby names are decided their nakshatra and for finding the accurate nakshatra. You need to have newborn baby horoscope where all the necessary information will be given.


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