Author - Bharat Bajaj

Astrology and the Laws of Karma..

According to Vedic Astrology everything is predetermined as per the Laws of Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. It’s simple if you are suffering it has to do something with your past life deeds. A [...]

LORD RAM – Horoscope Analysis

I would like to share horoscope details of a divine incarnation- Lord Ram A very difficult chart with so many ups and downs, a complex network of planets aspecting each other out of enmity. Jupiter the auspicious guru [...]


As it’s Father’s Day today and above that a Sunday as well. Sun is the real father of all other planets from Mercury to Saturn. This is the day to celebrate fatherhood. Gift your father something that he’s [...]

MARRIAGE and Astrology

A person always desires a life partner who is compatible and matches in all qualities from every angle but the truth is he himself is actually seeking some one as a life partner who is opposite in [...]


Just as the wood exists in furniture, heat exists in fire, liquidity exists in water, similar the energy of the celestial planets exist In the human body. The object exists in the subject. The remedies like mantra chant, [...]


The day Saturday and it’s ruler being the strong headed, rigid and disciplinary Saturn. Let’s find out more facts about this cold and dry Saturn. Saturn in Sanskrit is called Shani. Shani also means to move slowly and [...]


As the day is Friday and it’s ruler being the auspicious Venus, the planet of all sorts of comforts and materiel pleasures. Let’s talk about this beautiful Venus. In Sanskrit it’s called “Shukra”. The deity  Shukrachaarya is [...]

Were You Born On A SATURDAY?

Were you born on a Saturday? If so then yours is a serious personality. Either you will be very hardworking or laid back. You like dark colours dark blue, black, dark brown and other dark shades of [...]

GOPAL or SHISHUPAL, the choice is yours..

Gopal or Shishupal, though it’s more and more a Shishupal society now. Shishupal means one who has control over children and Gopal means one who has control over their own senses. Gopal (Lord Krishna) has exalted Moon in [...]

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION of Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn and Jupiter getting maximum close to each other on 21 December 2020 Saturn Jupiter conjunction 2021 Astrology in details I understand this closeness will enhance the spiritual aspect in all beings. Saturn is abode of spirituality and Jupiter is the [...]

The 27 Nakshatras.

Moon is said to be one of the most beautiful, romantic and lusty planet. Once upon a time when he was travelling across the sky, he met Tara, wife of Jupiter. He fell in love with her. [...]


I am Venus. I am pleasure, I am happiness, I am enjoyment and I am lifestyle. It’s only because of me you can experience all sorts of luxury and comforts. I am beauty and I am full [...]