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Your LATENT TENDENCIES and your Horoscope

Post Date: April 4, 2021

Your LATENT TENDENCIES and your Horoscope

Your horoscope is nothing but an image of your latent tendencies and the good and bad times that you will be facing in this life as per your own past life and recent past good and bad deeds.

The malefic planets like Mars, Saturn or Rahu provoke you to take wrong steps because by nature they are malefic. And the benefic planets desiring to give you good results like Jupiter, Venus or moon are unable to do so if they are not well placed in your horoscope.

So if you can see beautiful things and you being humble it means you have started dropping your bad latent tendencies but if you start judging people you will have no time to love them which means your malefic planets are in control encouraging you to act in a particular negative manner under the control of your bad latent tendencies.

Your Ascendant is like the captain of the ship. So make your ascendant strong and positive and control your tendencies developed in you due to malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu. Meditation is considered a very good remedy to control the evil effects of planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and even a weak Moon.

Moon is your conscious mind and Rahu is your subconscious mind, hence when these two join together it gives negative impact on your mind and you become restless. The native often has a deep rooted thought to fulfil his/her desires even if it hurts others.

Similarly when Sun goes in the sign of Libra it gives ego problems, or you may not get along well with your father as Sun is the significator of father also or you may have problem with your bosses at work place. The native when in pressure tends to dominate to prove himself.

If Saturn Mars sit together or aspect each other it creates Sangharsh yog as these two are opposite to each other in qualities. Mars doesn’t want to stop and Saturn doesn’t want to run. If Jupiter is badly placed it gives family and financial stress and also differences with the life partners as it’s the significator of marriage. So over doing of religious acts aggravates the problem in married life but only if Jupiter is not well placed. There are many such planetary effects and many yogas

Bharat B Bajaj


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