Your Astrology For 2021-2030 Is Calling

Post Date: April 16, 2021

Your Astrology For 2021-2030 Is Calling

Life makes us go through moments of happiness and distress. Man since time immemorial has been engaged in all sorts of endeavours, doing both good and evil for his pleasure or make others suffer and at other times troubling himself. This is exactly what is happening since the beginning of the world cycle.

In this journey of life man engages in various evils like lust, greed, anger, anxiety, fear, restlessness, stress, depression, unhappiness etc. And what to talk about other evils of birth, old age, disease and merciless death.

In this entire process man ages, becomes old, body ailments of different body parts like heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and other gruesome diseases like cancer, aids etc manifest. Hair turns white, teeth starts falling and soon the God of death pounces taking away the very life of the person just how a tiger pounces on its prey.

All expectations of man are destroyed by the cruel time. Time forgives no one. It consumes and destroys everything.

Is this what life is all about? And to add to the struggling life now man is also facing the unknown fears like pandemic, uncertainties of an uncertain future, fear of dying, depression, feeling of isolation etc

In this age of darkness, wherever your eyes will turn, you can see mankind struggling and suffering. Monitory problems, emotional stress, health problems, relationships issues, fear, It seems human race has become a victim of depression.

So isn’t it time that you look forward to this wonderful science of Vedic astrology in these times of crises, understand your Vedic horoscope, look deeply into the nature of your chart, the nature of the celestial planets in your horoscope, understand your strength and weaknesses to overcome this bumpy ride of 2021-2030

The planet of justice also called the “Nyaydheesh” planet Saturn is firmly seated in its own sign of Capricorn will bring drastic changes in the judicial system, will bring new public policies, new laws, and bring major changes in society in next few years. Further as it will move to its own another sign of Aquarius will change the way we earn, new rules and regulations for this too, our gains, our income and possibly bring lot of restrictions here too.

As Jupiter moved in its sign of debilitation ie Capricorn, it started to eradicate the orthodox but anti Vedic systems and practices and also bringing further economic crises and the whole structure may change.

So all above clearly shows that the world has changed for ever. It’s high time to surrender before the supreme lord and take help of Vedic sciences and one of them is Vedic astrology, practice spirituality, meditate, take control of your own self etc to help you run your life smooth on the curvaceous road of life just how a high speed racing car runs smoothly on the curvaceous racing track.

Astrology no doubt is the science of life and it can help you to make your coming years easy and peaceful. As such your astrology for the coming 2020-2030 can be of good help.

Now as Jupiter moved into Aquarius it immediately had its negative impact on the economy, again restrictions, all major business and commercial hubs cannot function like before and leading to financial crisis.

Bharat B Bajaj

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