Why you took birth in a particular Ascendant Sign ?

Post Date: October 18, 2021

Why you took birth in a particular Ascendant Sign ?

Aries to Libra Ascendant zodiac. (Information about remaining zodiac signs in next post)

If you are born as ARIES, your focus is more on your self and your desires. You intend to fulfil your wishes one after another, your physical body and it’s demands is your prime agenda and to keep yourself healthy and active you may also take interest in sports and out door activities. In your previous life you were too busy attending to others problems, for you justice was most important and hence you were utilizing your energy in lot of interaction with others, socializing a lot that time. But this birth God has some other plans for you telling you to focus on yourself more, giving you amazing strength and vitality and a charismatic personality as you are here to maintain you and your physical needs.

If you are born as TAURUS, your agenda is to try and experience all sorts of comforts and pleasures of life. You want all sorts of happiness like you want to dress up well, enjoy your life, want to visit beautiful places, you want to party hard, etc and all these things you couldn’t do in your previously life cause you were too busy with spiritual activities like mantra, yantra, tantra etc. you were too involved in the science of occult as well and because of your deep rooted mindset about matters like life, death, god, etc you didn’t focus on the other side of life, that there is some thing called comforts and pleasures also to be experienced. Hence this time God wants you to focus on your happiness and gives you chance in intervals to entertain yourself, to pamper yourself and live a beautiful life with style and attitude.

If you are born as GEMINI, your agenda of this life is to try and accumulate all sorts of knowledge with which you can help yourself grow and prosper materially and you also love to interact with people, all sorts of activities which involve your intellectual capabilities to help you evolve is the goal of your this life. In previous life you were more busy with religious deeds like prayers, helping the needy, also you were busy Counselling others, you were like an advisor, a social activist, people listened to your advise as it helped them but this time it’s about application of your mind to help yourself evolve and gain all sorts of information, use your smartness and excellent communication skills, to dazzle and show what beauty and brains can do together.

If you are born as CANCER, your agenda of this life is to provide comfort to others, to connect with them from the bottom of your heart so that you can understand others problems and can feel it too, so that you can help others fight with their problems and provide them emotional support as well. You also want to feel everything whether good or bad situations so that once you realise how it feels in both situations you can guide others accordingly but in previous life you were strong hearted and strong headed as well and for you emotions and feelings were signs of weak people, you believed in action and extreme hard work with which you tried to prosper yourself and others too. But now God wants you to experience the soft side of things, be more compassionate, to show what true love is all about and flaunt your beautiful personality.

If you are born as LEO, your agenda of this birth is to take the lead position, to take responsibility so that you can direct others in a right manner, your birth is to let the world know how talented you are. Under your leader ship others can benefit, you are here to protect others and be in an authoritative position. Just how Lion is considered the king of the jungle, Leo natives believe in live life king size and are very royal and large hearted beings. In previous life they had to sacrifice a lot and had to fulfil others wishes, they were at service to others, and for others had to compromise with their life. But now you are here to dictate terms, show off your talent and let your personality speak for itself that you are here to rule.

If you are born as a VIRGO, it means you are here to be a perfectionist, you won’t tolerate mistakes, cause you want everything to be perfect for your own good but also for the world, but in achieving so you will have to face lots of challenges and obstacles. You want to this world to be a perfect place to live because in previous life you were not so concerned about worldly affairs, you were busy guiding others to incline towards salvation as you yourself too were in for it. Your agenda was to evolve and go beyond this material life as you believed there is something more important then simply taking birth and dying. Actually you were looking for ultimate pleasure. But in this life God wants you to help this world live a proper life on this plane of existence called earth, so your hard work and your intellect can be of use now and you can let the world know about your fine qualities and how super perfect you desire to be.

If you are born as a LIBRA, then your purpose of this birth is to try and help others, co ordinate with them, make them learn how to strike a balance so that all can benefit out of it. You are here to maintain justice. You are here to live a beautiful life and let others also know how to live a beautiful life. You are here to show your creative skills as well, to socialise with others and work as a group because in previous life you were too busy giving importance to your individual self, you were busy looking after your personal needs that you had no time to think that there is a world beyond your personal goals and wishes, that there is world outside unexplored by you hence now you are here to explore new places, you want to travel to far away places and experience the beautiful world god has made, to let all know how to join hands with others and work as a team, to let all know how graceful and charismatic you are.

Bharat B Bajaj


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