What is tarot card reading? Get Answer From Expert

What is tarot card reading
Post Date: September 27, 2020

What is tarot card reading? Get Answer From Expert

Tarot reading

Birth horoscope, palmistry and numerology are used to know the future. There is also another mode called Tarot Card Reading which is present in all these genres to answer the hidden questions in the world of astrology.

Deck of cards

These tarot cards, which look like cards, have some mystical symbolic markings on them that can greatly predict future events with the person concerned. Those cards themselves are answered in lieu of the person’s questions, depending on which the circumstances with them depend.

Development of tarot readings

You may be surprised to know that this mode of tarot card readings giving accurate information about the future was first adopted as a medium of entertainment in Italy in the fourteenth century. But very soon, this learning spread to many countries of Europe and gradually it was adopted as an esoteric science of knowing the future, not merely as a means of entertainment. By the 18th century, tarot card readings became very popular in England and France.

Ability to guess

Above the tarot cards are shown the numerals, colors, signs and five elements like earth, water, fire, air, sky, based on which the future is predicted. You must have seen that most of the people who read tarot cards are women. The reason behind this is that the tarot card is a system in which there is no use of mathematics at all, just the ability to guess must be accurate and infallible. It is also scientifically proven that the ability to estimate is more in women than men.

The deck

Tarot card readings are predicted based on what the pictures and signs on the card raised from the deck (cards) mean, what they are pointing towards, in which direction you can turn your future. is. In addition, those cards also indicate the present time and mental state of the questioner.


The tarot consists of 78 cards, of which 22 cards are Major arcana, the word arcana derives from the Latin language meaning mystical, and 56 cards are minor arcana. Out of 56 Minor Cards, 16 cards are called Royal Arcana or Court Cards, which include cards such as King, Queen, Knight and Page. The 56 cards included in the Minor Arcana are divided into 4 parts called Wands, Cups, Soders and Pantacles. Numerals are very important in minor arcana.

Major Arcana

While Major Arcana expresses the basic elements and different zodiac signs of the universe, Minor Arcana applies these elements to everyday events and tells what is going to happen in the future.

Minor arcana

The four parts of the minor arcana divided into tarot card readings are Wands: The card of Wands expresses energy, confidence, risk, will, strength, creativity and creativity. Cups: The Cups card represents an expression of desires, desires, married life, love, humanity, spirituality. Soders: Shows hatred, enmity, speed, science, logic, justice, warrior and mental clarity. Pentacles: Expresses business, finance, industry, health, property and creativity.

Importance of cards

Major Arcana, apart from Minor, has 0–22 cards that hold different importance. Let us tell you the meaning of all these cards.

The flower
0 ie Di Phool (fool): This card is considered a symbol of some unexpected event or information that will happen in the future. This information or event has the potential to change the decision-making ability and interests of the questioner.

The magician
1 ie The Magician (Magician): The lord of this card is the planet Mercury which has been considered a symbol of new opportunities, enterprise, will power, perseverance. It indicates that the person concerned is going to start a new task with full enthusiasm.

The high priest
2 ie The High Priestess (Priestess): This card guides the mysteries. This implies that either a mystery is about to be revealed or the questioner wants it to be revealed.

The empress
3 The Empress (Empress): This card, symbolizing love, trust, birth and prosperity, indicates an auspicious event to happen soon. The 4 card is the Emperor (Maharaja) whose zodiac is Aries. This card is also called a symbol of male influence. That is, the life of a person is going to be influenced by father, son or any other male member.

The hierophant
5 The Hierophant (astrologer): This card of Taurus is a symbol of moral law, cleverness, intelligence, counseling, practicality or spiritual master. 6 The lover (lover) is a symbol of love feeling or a loving couple. This means that love is knocking in the life of the person, which the questioner himself cannot recognize.

The chariot
7 The Chariot (Chariot): This card of Cancer sign is said to be a symbol of struggle, conflicts and subsequent victory. If the questioner is going through a struggle then he should continue his efforts as there is a possibility of success.

The justice
8 The Justice (Judge): This card shows the balance in every case along with being a symbol of justice and honesty. Demonstrates justice and honesty with all in matters of partnership, litigation etc.

The Hermit
9 The Harmit (Saints): This card is a symbol of self-analysis and the desire for peace and solitude. It gives a warning to the questioner that no decision should be taken hastily or impatiently. Be sure to consult a trusted person before reaching any conclusion. At the same time 10 the wheel of fortune (fortune cycle) signifies luck, it means a fortunate and golden future. It is also fate that you came to this Bhavsagar and not to your wish. The end of existing problems and the efforts made in earlier times results. But if it comes in inauspicious form then good luck is lost.

The strength
11 The Strength (Shakti): It refers not only to physical strength but also to the ability to act effortlessly in a state of severe pressure, which ends with success. 12 The Hangman (hanging) card whose element is water and planet-Neptune symbolizes the mortal or emotional sacrifice of the questioner.

15 The Devil (Satan): This card is an auspicious indicator, if the questioner is concerned about the commitment or honesty of the relationship in a marriage, then it should be considered a loving symbol of truth, honesty and loyalty. 16 The Tower (Minar) The planet in this card is Mars, after Death and Devil, this card is a symbol of extreme fear and inauspicious event.

The star
17 The Star (stars): The zodiac sign of this card is Aquarius which will give auspicious results in future. This card contains blessings, hopes, loyalty and perseverance. 18 The Moon (Moon) card is a symbol of Pisces sign indicating the intense emotional expression of the questioner and a state of skepticism.

The sun
19 The Sun (Sun): The owner of this card is the Sun planet itself, indicating that the time to come is full of happiness. Full of fun, time with family is waiting for you. Maybe some good news is also going to be received.

20 Judgment (Judgment): The planet in this card is Pluto which also symbolizes the fire element. This card will give you the result of the efforts made earlier. It also marks the beginning of a new work. 21 The World (World) The owner of this card is the planet Saturn which signifies wish fulfillment and victory.

Tarot card reading limits

There are some limitations to reading tarot cards and knowing the future from it, first of all, to know the future with tarot cards, the atmosphere should be calm and there should not be any negativity present. The questioner can choose the card of his / her choice but he / she can find the answer to his / her question only in “Yes” or “No”, as the time under the Tarot Card reading is neither known nor their effectiveness. Is predictable

Answer the questions
A person embroiled in any kind of mental turmoil, when he reaches for a tarot card reading with a question related problem, he gets the answer with the help of tarot card which path he should choose. But after asking one question, the interval of two hours between asking another question is considered to be minimum.

Mrs. Megha Chavan

Tarot Card Reader

Mrs. Megha Chavan is a professional tarot reader from Mumbai, MS, India, and she has reignited her role as a spiritual tarot reader recently.

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