What is my Moon sign? How to find out your Moon sign?

Post Date: April 7, 2021

What is my Moon sign? How to find out your Moon sign?

Firstly, Moon Sign is actually a zodiac sign where the planet Moon is placed in your Birth Chart. Below is a Moonsign calculator that shall help you find your Moonsign.  As it represents your emotions, desire, mood and how you express your feeling and this planet plays an important part in birth chart. So, lets have a look and understand what is my Moon sign? Moon signs tells us about your emotions, how we feel, understand the matters and care of others and your personality. Moon sign is calculated by using a person date of birth, birth of place and time.


Moon Sign and Astrology consultation

What is my Moon Sign?

The moon ruled in your personality and in your soul. It is connected with our emotion and inner strength. Your moon is very important in life and help us to understand the path of life. In Vedic Astrology moon sign prediction is considered as an accurate one. It predicts our reactions how we react in things, how we show our emotions and connected with people. It also shows how a person deals with their situations. If you don’t know about your moon signs you just have to need your exact date of birth, time of birth and birth of place.


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Understanding meaning of Moon Sign

As we all know moon is one of the fastest moving planets.  It is the second most planet in astrology. The moon moves through each zodiac signs very quickly. It changes their signs every few weeks, it is very important to know your birth of time to calculate your moon signs. That’s why astrologer and natal – chart calculate on an exact birth time. Wrong time make a dramatic difference in your zodiac signs. Knowing your moon signs and understanding their placements allows you to guide you how you feel and unlock your perception of your emotions how you develop your personality, control of your inner emotions and how you emotionally connected with your near one, So, this is why understanding meaning of moon sign’s can be helpful to have an emotional connects and love in your relationship and to build a long-lasting bond.


Importance of Moon Sign

There are lots of question in your mind right now. Like why moon sign is important in birth chart? And what is my moon chart?  So, calculator your moon signs give you the best understand about it. You can easily find your moon sign through calculator but have to know exact time of birth. Let’s have look in Importance of Moon Sign:

  • It plays a vital role in find your connection with other people, and how you understand your partner.
  • It helps you to have a long-lasting relation with everybody.
  • It tells many information about your likes and dislikes personality, nature, behaviour and intuition.
  • It helps us to find out your right path, luck

what's your moon sign?

What does your Moon Sign say about you?

Here are character traits and few details which have been compiled as per your zodiac sign,

So what your signs says about you:

  • Aries – you may be terribly impulsive, impatient and active learner.
  • Taurus- it’s a favorite position of moon. Person is mentally stable.
  • Gemini- Your mind is terribly twin in nature.
  • Cancer- you may be terribly motherly reasonably figure United Nations agency takes care of everybody sort of a Mother.
  • Leo- you wish to roar sort of a Lion. you may change state leader and royal minded person.
  • Virgo- you may be terribly sensible in your approach.
  • Libra- you may have balanced mind. However, you wish to balance things so as to induce satisfaction.
  • Scorpio-Moon does not feel smart during this sign. It creates scores of fluctuations in human mind looking on the opposite aspects and planetary alignment gift in one’s horoscope.
  • Sagittarius- you may be inclined towards faith because it is Hindu deity house.
  • Capricorn- you may be terribly stable together with your thoughts and additionally terribly rigid in your approach.
  • Aquarius- you may be social, communicative and need to be a part of many alternative societies or communities.
  • Pisces-You are inclined towards spirituality and your mind are indulged into some totally different worlds.


How you find your moon chart ?

There is a big difference between sun sign and Moon Sign. Moon moves quickly through 12 zodiac signs and takes approximately 2-3 days to visit all signs. So, knowing your birth time and moon signs must be really accurate. If you don’t know your moon signs, but just knowing your date of birth, time of birth and birth place you can calculate your moon signs and know yours. There are several astrology websites available which will calculate your moon signs on basis of this three. You can ask one website to give your accurate moon signs while giving date of birth, time of birth and birth of place.


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