Were You Born On A SATURDAY?

Post Date: March 1, 2021

Were You Born On A SATURDAY?

Were you born on a Saturday? If so then yours is a serious personality. Either you will be very hardworking or laid back. You like dark colours dark blue, black, dark brown and other dark shades of grey. You know what “duty” is all about.

Saturn if well placed in your horoscope you can rule the world. You definitely reach your goals and achieve success provided the negative significance of Saturn does not effect you and obstruct you.

Structure, order and discipline defines you. Your straight forwardness is the best quality. Amazing talent you have. From rags to riches is your story. You know how to sweat it out and run away with success. You always do very well when it comes to manufacturing, iron and steel industry, oil sector, spirituality, dealing with labour, metals, human resources, public relations etc.

The problem comes if Saturn is not well placed in your birthchart or receives a malefic aspect then you are an alcoholic, smoker. a critic, a drug addict or some one who works very hard but no satisfactory results.

A perfectionist is the right word to define you. But many times your fault finding attitude puts you in trouble. You may face obstacles but it’s a surety that before leaving this world you taste success.

You are head strong and rigid in your behaviour which often disturbs your life. You need to strike a balance between practicality and happiness. If you do it your life sails smoothly. You are sentimental and reserved by nature.

You often have marriage problems. Either you marry late or you may not marry at all. Your outer appearance is cold and dry but internally soft and caring but which you only show to your near and dear ones.

Famous SATURDAY born personalities-

Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini is an Argentine former professional tennis player. She was one of the leading players on the women’s circuit. Still unmarried.

Charlotte ..an American professional wrestler and former personal trainer currently signed to WWE, where she performs on the Raw brand. She married Riki Johnson. She was married a second time to Thomas Latimer. Their divorce was finalized.

George Timothy Clooney an American actor, filmmaker, and activist. He has received three Golden Globe Awards for his work as an actor and two Academy Awards.

Emraan Hashmi is an Indian film actor who appears in Hindi films. Through his successful career, Hashmi has received three Filmfare Award nominations and has established himself as one of the most popular and highest-paid actor of Hindi cinema.

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