Weekly Horoscope from May 9 to 15, 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal from May 9 to 15, 2021

Post Date: May 9, 2021

Weekly Horoscope from May 9 to 15, 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal from May 9 to 15, 2021

We bring you the Freshly Compiled Weekly horoscope from May 9 to 15, 2021.It is a direction about how the week is going to be for all zodiac signs regarding, love prediction, career predictionjob astrology and prediction on marriage astrology and other related matters as per your weekly horoscope. This weekly horoscope for MAY is based on your Moon Sign. Our weekly horoscope from May 9 to 15, 2021 is compiled by the best astrologers in India

Check out your weekly horoscopes for May 9 to 15, 2021, 2021

Our weekly horoscope for this week is compiled by some of the renowned astrologers in India.

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The planets in the sky travel on their path according to their speed. During this excursion, they enter from one zodiac to another. The zodiac sign in which these planets are found at the time of birth is called their natal state. A birth journal is made on this basis.
In order to say the effects of transiting, one should look at the lunar lagna as the head and see where the planets are moving from the lunar lagna. The magazine in which the moon is located in the birth magazine, keeping the zodiac sign in the ascendant, is a lunar birth journal. Like this one, even the weekly horoscope is made.


ARIES Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

ARIES: Moon transiting in the second house from the lunar Lagna gives mental dissatisfaction. Native has ideological differences with family members. The native does not get happiness. The person gets failure in his works, the tendency of the person increases in sin deeds and the student has to suffer loss in learning.


TAURUS Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

TAURUS :.The arrival of the Moon in the third house from the Moon brings wealth. You get the pleasure of clothes. Health is fine. Enemies prevail. The mind remains happy. And the natives are benefited by the brothers. The luck of the person increases.


GEMINI Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

GEMINI: With the arrival of the Moon in the fourth place from the Moon, the native quarrels with the kith and kin. There is a lightness in the mind of the native. The native faces obstacles in food and sleep and is afraid of water and women. The native lacks female pleasure.


CANCER Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

CANCER: On the arrival of the moon in the fifth transit from the moon, the person is prone to misery and misfortune in the journey. The job of the native is not successful and the mind remains restless. So stay careful this week and the rest seems wonderful in your Horoscope


LEO Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

LEO: The Moon is benefited by the transit of the moon in the sixth place and the health of the person is also good. Yash and Anand are attained. There is an opportunity for conversation with women.You get the opportunity to live happily in your home. Enemies are defeated and diseases are
destroyed. Expenditure is high.


VIRGO Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

VIRGO: Coming in transit on the lunar seventh is beneficial. Short but profitable trips. In commerce and business, the person benefits. The native gets good food and sleep. You will not get so much support from their family, there might be differentiae between son/daughter and parents but things will ease up as soon as this phase is over. You will come across many enemies who hate you for being nice but this will not destroy you and harm your life.


LIBRA Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

LIBRA: Indigestion, breathing, cough, etc. diseases of the native arise when the Moon comes in the
eighth house from the Moon. The native is troubled by quarrels, disputes, and mental distress. The wealth of the natives is destroyed.


SCORPIO Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

SCORPIO: When Moon goes from Moon to ninth house, there is a problem from the state and business has to suffer. Differences between sons the fate of the native does not support him. Enemies bother. Problems have to be raised from the state.


SAGITTARIUS Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

SAGITTARIUS: Siddhi is attained by going from the moon to tenth place. All tasks are completed easily. The person is in good health. The native receives wealth and honor from the state. The person is promoted in the job. High officials are happy with the native. The native gets the best home happiness.


CAPRICORN Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

CAPRICORN: There is an increase in the income of the native after the eclipse of the Moon from the eleventh. Trade brings substantial profits. Reconciliation with daughter-in-law. The mind moves towards ambition. The person benefits from the female class and the income of the person increases with the fluids.


AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope May. 2021

AQUARIUS: Lunar going from moon to TWELVETH HOUSE causes physical distress, especially in the eyes. There is loss of money and value. The person does not get support. Mental worries increase. Expenditure is high so check where the money is flowing to.


PISCES Weekly Horoscope May. 2021


When the Moon comes in transit in the lunar Lagna itself, the person gets happiness and pleasure. Remains disease-free. Good food, clothes, and bedtime are obtained. Gift etc. is Obtained. So you may expect the sweet surprises this week



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