Weekly Horoscope for 18 July to 24 July 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal for July 18 to 24 | Weekly horoscope July for all Zodiac sign

Weekly horoscope july 18
Post Date: July 19, 2021

Weekly Horoscope for 18 July to 24 July 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal for July 18 to 24 | Weekly horoscope July for all Zodiac sign

Check weekly horoscope from July 18 to 24, 2021 and Saptahik rasifal prediction for all zodiac signs. We bring you the list of all the horoscope signs along with their accurate prediction or weekly horoscope july 18 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

Look for the insights about the good or bad thing coming your way this week using our free weekly horoscope. If needed, take our astrologer’s advice to resolve the issues and acquire the most out of your week. Make sure to read your horoscope this week, to get all the highlights of your week in advance

These are the major astrological aspects of July that you might not know about still. The new moon transit in Cancer on July 9 can activate their intuition and cause immense flow of feelings. The action planet Mars and the Romance planet Mars connect in Leo for their annual conjunction on July 13th which may bring an essence of love and profitable for investments. The Sun also enters Leo on July 22 adding more thirst for creativity, generosity and emotions.



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ARIES Weekly horoscope July 18 :

Coming in transit on the lunar seventh is beneficial for you; this week is favorable for arranging meetings with influential people. Short but profitable trips can be taken by you this week. It is a good time to develop contacts with people holding senior posts of responsibility. You would be able to win lot of appreciation for your ability of giving right advice to right people at right time. You would be enthusiastic for making investment in share market. The entertainment business shall also attract you. Your emotional relations are likely to improve. You will get good food and stress free sleep. Those who are married would be happy with the intensity of love in their life.



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TAURUS Weekly horoscope July 18:

When the Moon comes in the eighth house from the Moon, There would be health issues in the beginning of the week. General happiness would get affected. Some enemies would create unnecessary tensions for you. Legal issues won’t get settled easily. Some loan related tensions are indicated. You would be worried on account of some probabilities of diseases. The possibilities of disappointment and frustration with friends, family or colleague are indicated very strongly. You might have huge expenditure. There would be hindrances coming all of a sudden in the way of your success. This is not the right time to under-take a new task.




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GEMINI Weekly horoscope July 18:

When Moon goes from Moon to ninth house, may bring some bitterness in your mind. To overcome this bitterness you are advised to worship lord Shiva on regular basis. There might be problem arising in your business and for that your business can suffer. Chances are there that some differences between you and your family and you might even get bothered by your enemies. You might have low energy this week and to increase your energy you are advice to feel happy at heart always and in addition to that the regular warm-up exercise would also prove beneficial.





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CANCER Weekly horoscope July 18:

Siddhi is attained by going from the moon to tenth place. This indicates your active and vigorous participation in public welfare activities. Your influential status in society would help you achieve the desired objective and your kith and kin would be happy from you.  The support of society, friends, siblings and relatives would make you more ambitious in terms of gaining public support. In this connection you would execute your plan of action. You will be in good health. You would win recognition because of your valuable advice to your friends. Chances are high that you would succeed in finding out a solution for money related tension by the end of the week. High officials are happy with your performance and you will get the best home happiness.



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LEO Weekly horoscope July 18:

After the eclipse of the Moon in the eleventh house You will have an increase in the income and this week is auspicious as you would be focusing all your energies for the consolidation of source of income, increasing the possibilities of gains thereby multiplying resources of income by creating new sources. The increased inflow of money would be the main hall mark of this week. This is the week for financial gains, increase in saving potential and prosperity in the family. The sufficient financial gains would please all family members and everybody at home would be happy. All needs of all family members would be fulfilled and any desire won’t remain unfulfilled because of shortage of money. The mind moves towards ambition. It is favourable for the enhancement of your reputation in society. You would help people in their difficult times and that only would enhance your reputation quickly. Your behaviour in society shall be very nice and you would speak sweetly with people around you. The support of siblings is indicated very strongly but you won’t be taking their favour because of your very strong feeling of self-respect.




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VIRGO Weekly horoscope July 18:

Lunar going from moon to TWELVETH HOUSE causes physical distress, especially in the eyes. You would find yourself slightly better in association with your family members but even then the lack of confidence would not let you enjoy life peacefully. In addition to that it would be difficult for you to bring in effective solution for the rectification of issues related to scarcity of funds and lack of harmony in the family. There is loss of money and value. It is not favourable for your state of mind, general happiness, health of mother and domestic issues would trouble you. The worries related to maintenance of house and vehicle would also not let you concentrate at work. The increased expenses would also add to your worries. Children related worries would be more painful.




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LIBRA Weekly horoscope July 18:

When the Moon comes in transit in the lunar Lagna itself, You will get happiness and pleasure. This week indicates gain of unearned money like share market, lottery etc. There would be increase in income as a new source of income shall get generated with the support of your siblings. You will be channelizing your all energies for the development of your destiny and you will be successful in getting the desired results. You are a go getter and you believe in your actions. Your confidence, health, immunity, enthusiasm and working efficiency shall be at its peak. People would be giving you lot of respect for your impressive personality and the talent of resourcefulness. Gift or surprise is Obtained.




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SCORPIO Weekly horoscope July 18:

Moon transiting in the second house from the lunar Lagna gives mental dissatisfaction. You might be worried about the health of family member. It would be difficult for you to accomplish your tasks on time and eventually this would give you the fear of losing image at work place. The support of spouse would help you maintain your health. Although you are much focused, systematic, well organized and prefer to work in a well-planned manner but in spite of that there might be continuous intervention of hindrances. You might have ideological differences with family members. You will not be happy this week and might suffer from failure.





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SAGITTARIUS Weekly horoscope July 18:

The arrival of the Moon in the third house from the Moon brings inflow of money and fulfillment of desires but health would be average only. This week would be perfect for your confidence and the progress in work would keep you satisfied. You would be getting the favor of your senior bosses, government officials which is auspicious for increase in your reputation and credibility as a professional. Professionally the gains would be sudden and more than expected. You get the pleasure of new clothes. Enemies are defeated and the mind remains happy. Your luck will increase this week.



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CAPRICORN Weekly horoscope July 18:

With the arrival of the Moon in the fourth place from the Moon, this week won’t be auspicious for your health, happiness, confidence and working efficiency. You would suffer from the problems of mood swings and expenses would go out of control. It would be difficult to accomplish your tasks however journeys would bring lot of pleasure and you will quarrels with the kith and kin. There will be a lightness in your mind so it is suggested don’t get frustrated and try to keep your patience intact. You will spend stressful nights.




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AQUARIUS Weekly horoscope July 18:

On the arrival of the moon in the fifth transit from the moon, You are prone to misery and misfortune in the journey this week. Indicates that you would be spending lot of money. You would be facing obstacles in accomplishing important tasks. You mind will remains restless so this is correct time for meditation, spiritual practices and blessings of Guru.





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PISCES Weekly horoscope July 11:

The Moon is benefited by the transit of the moon in the sixth place and you will have good health. This is auspicious for going on beneficial journeys. The journey would be related to business or else you might go to address a spiritual gathering somewhere. The support of brothers would prove instrumental for the enhancement of your destiny. Yash and Anand are attained. There is an opportunity for conversation with opposite sex. You get the opportunity to live happily in your home. Enemies are defeated and diseases are
destroyed but your expenditure will be high. The quick betterment in business/work can be expected. The seniors shall turn in your favor suddenly. You are advised to stay in their good books as the impressions made during these days would certainly prove beneficial for your future.




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