Weekly Horoscope for 11 July to 17 July 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal for July 11 to 17 | Weekly horoscope July for all Zodiac sign

weekly horoscope july
Post Date: July 10, 2021

Weekly Horoscope for 11 July to 17 July 2021 | Saptahik Rasifal for July 11 to 17 | Weekly horoscope July for all Zodiac sign

Check weekly horoscope and Saptahik rasifal prediction for all zodiac signs. We bring you the list of all the horoscope signs along with their accurate prediction or weekly horoscope july (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

Knowing what is coming your way is the best way to prepare for it. If your week is looking productive, you can work on your important projects, take critical decisions, and make the most out of that time. On the other hand, if the Weekly Horoscope predicts some challenging times for you, you know it is time to take a step back and spectator for a while. As they say, knowledge is power. So get to know your weekly horoscope before it starts.

These are the major astrological aspects of July that you might not know about still. The new moon transit in Cancer on July 9 can activate their intuition and cause immense flow of feelings. The action planet Mars and the Romance planet Mars connect in Leo for their annual conjunction on July 13th which may bring an essence of love and profitable for investments. The Sun also enters Leo on July 22 adding more thirst for creativity, generosity and emotions.



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ARIES Weekly horoscope July 11 :

This week indicates social activities at its peak where you would be enthusiastic about such activities of yours as you are likely to earn recognition from your social life. Your friends and relatives would appreciate you for your remarkable efforts in business/work and social life. You would put in every effort to create a strong bonding with relatives and friends for which the parties get together and other social functions organized by you are going to be very successful. Siddhi is attained as the moon moves to tenth place. All tasks are completed easily. You will be in good health. You will receive wealth and honor from the state. High officials are happy with you this week. It is a good time for education and the health and happiness of your children. This is equally beneficial time for speculative activities, entertainment and emotional relations.



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TAURUS Weekly horoscope July 11:

There is an increase in the income this week after the eclipse of the Moon from the eleventh. Prosperity, unity and integrity in the family. All family members shall put in efforts for strengthening the bond of affection among all. There would be a possibility of the celebration of an auspicious ceremony in the family. Trade brings substantial profits. You would participate in social activities and in this connection the encouraging attitude of all family members would enhance your confidence. You will be getting lot of affection from your friends, relatives and siblings. Your health and confidence would remain intact throughout the week. The mind moves towards ambition. You would be paying lot of attention while taking care of your parents and the income of yours increases with the fluids.




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GEMINI Weekly horoscope July 11:

Your moon in the twelfth house shows that the native will have physical distress; you might have an eye vision problem. Face problem in your life. Your business value might run at a loss and you might be worried about your financial problem so take every step very carefully. You might not get support from family and colleagues. You might get anxious and worried about your loss but don’t worry things will get better, you will survive through this time soon. Don’t spend a large amount of money on your business and try to cut off extra expenditure.





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CANCER Weekly horoscope July 11:

When the Moon comes in transit in the lunar Lagna itself, week indicates rise in position, increase in happiness & reputation. You’re working efficiency and skills would improve. Your mental and physical health shall be perfect throughout the week. You would be enjoying the favor of your seniors. Your recognition at work place shall get multiplied and you will remains disease-free. Good food, clothes, and bedtime are obtained. This week there would be more financial gains and support and co-operation of family members. There would be an atmosphere of love, laughter and mutual harmony in the family. Domestic happiness shall increase and you would be pleased with the support and affection of your mother who would advise you to extend some extra support in the affairs of the family. There would be deliberations regarding development in matters related to property/vehicle etc.



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LEO Weekly horoscope July 11:

Moon transiting in the second house from the lunar Lagna, it is not favorable for accomplishing important tasks undertaken therefore this time should not be considered favorable for starting any new task. Your expenses would remain uncontrolled. You might have to go on some tiresome journeys which might cause problems like loss of health and money and in the process the problem of mood swings is sure to chase. Don’t get irritated, postpone important task, work with patience and try not to lose your confidence. You will have ideological differences with family members.




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VIRGO Weekly horoscope July 11:

The arrival of the Moon in the third house from the Moon brings wealth, it would prove excellent for your professional life and you might attain the desired recognition on professional front. It is for sure that you would be getting the desirable advice, favor, support and cooperation or your senior officers. You can expect promotion in job shortly. This is most suitable Muhurat for worshiping Goddess Kali. You might get the pleasure of new clothes and your health will be fine. Sudden gain of money and increase in income because of your glorious performance in your area of work. The advice, support and cooperation of spouse and siblings would be an additional advantage for your increase in the inflow of money. The mind remains happy. The luck of your increases this week.




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LIBRA Weekly horoscope July 11:

With the arrival of the Moon in the fourth place from the Moon, this week is very bad for your health, happiness, confidence and patience. The order of events would bring unbearable disappointment and frustration. You would be losing your confidence and patience completely for the restoration of which you shall have to do breathing exercises and meditation and seek the advice of your parents. You might quarrels with the kith and kin. There is lightness in the mind of yours. You will face obstacles during sleep and will give less attention towards food. You will lack female pleasure this week.




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SCORPIO Weekly horoscope July 11:

The arrival of the moon in the fifth transit from the moon, you are prone to misery and misfortune in the journey of this week. You will feel low confidence however good compatibility and the mutual cooperation between husband and wife especially for the purpose of increase in income shall prove effective. You might face some frustration also because of health-related trivial issue however there is no need to lose patience as it shall get cured shortly.  Your mind will remain restless.





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SAGITTARIUS Weekly horoscope July 11:

The Moon is benefited by the transit of the moon in the sixth place and your health will be good. Yash and Anand are attained by you. This week is auspicious for worshiping goddess Kali. This special prayer would bring favor of destiny. This time is highly favorable to do the remedies for the rectification of problems caused by malefic planets. You get the opportunity to live happily in your home. Enemies are defeated, giving indication of betterment on professional front with the hidden support of seniors. Your unique talent of management in handling the complicated issues would win special recognition as you would earn fame by turning government and authority in your favor but remember some seniors shall be jealous of you and they might develop a tendency to conspire against you so don’t disclose your plan of action to others. Expenditure will be high this week but gain of unearned money and lottery etc is possible.



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CAPRICORN Weekly horoscope July 11:

Coming in transit on the lunar seventh is beneficial; it indicates that you would be confident in handling your enemies and expenses in this week. You would be happy while going on journeys. You will make plans to manage your expenses and competitive examinations. You would be a good strategist in terms of shaping your marketing plans during tough competition in the market. In commerce and business you will be benefits, you would be highly attached to your spouse. The destiny and advice of spouse shall help you earn more gains. Partners shall also be happy with you. There would be better compatibility between you and your spouse. The conjugal bliss shall get enhanced. You will have stress free sleep and good food.




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AQUARIUS Weekly horoscope July 11:

This week will be highly stressful, tiresome and full of tensions with an atmosphere of bitterness at home which would affect your confidence, working efficiency and health. You would be worried about your mother’s health too. In spite of all these difficulties you would keep your patience intact. Indigestion, breathing, cough, etc. diseases might arise for you when the Moon comes in the eighth house from the Moon. You will face mental distress due to many things. Your expenses would increase because of sudden expenses.





PISCES Weekly horoscope July 11:

Your moon in the ninth house, therefore, there will be ups and downs in your life, try to keep your mind steady during the down phase. You might suffer from business loss due to that a lot of problems that might come your way, be cautious and take measured steps. You will not get so much support from their family, there might be differentiate between son/daughter and parents but things will ease up as soon as this phase is over. You will come across many enemies who hate you for being nice but this will not destroy you and harm your life.


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