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Post Date: March 26, 2021


As the day is Friday and it’s ruler being the auspicious Venus, the planet of all sorts of comforts and materiel pleasures. Let’s talk about this beautiful Venus.

In Sanskrit it’s called “Shukra”. The deity  Shukrachaarya is also the teacher of the demon community and where as Jupiter is teacher of God’s. Both are Gurus and both are auspicious.

Shukrachaarya is son of Sage Bhrigu, one of the saptrishis. In a Vedic horoscope Venus rules over the fun loving Taurus and the graceful Libra. In the age of darkness (Kalyuga), it rules over Islam also and Muslims believe Friday as the chosen day by God for worship.

In Muslim community people greet each other saying “Shukriya”, it’s nothing but taking the name of planet Venus (Shukra). Venus also rules over color white and Islam also encourages to wear white. If you look at the Arab world, people wear more of white and other reason being it’s very hot in the Middle East.

As per Vedic and Hinduism Venus is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi and she’s always busy pressing the feet of Lord Vishnu and providing him comfort. Feet is ruled by the sign of Pisces and as we all know Venus exalts in this sign and loves to be in Pisces.

The entire movie industry is ruled by Venus and that’s why movies are released on Fridays.

Have a nice week end and enjoy this beautiful Friday. The mantra for Venus is  Om Shukraaya namah, Om Draam dreem droum sah Shukrachaarya namah, one can also offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi on this day. The colour for Venus is pink and white.

Bharat B Bajaj

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