Vastu and Astrology Tips 2020: Top Vastu remedies to bring happiness at your home

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Post Date: August 23, 2020

Vastu and Astrology Tips 2020: Top Vastu remedies to bring happiness at your home

Vastu and Astrology Tips for your Home Design & Direction

Here I have explained the Vastu Guidelines for the Interiors of a House. The placement of furniture, doors, windows, electrical gadgets, mirrors etc should be done according to certain Vastu guidelines and tips.

Since Vastu is a science, every guideline is based on logic and reasoning.  I have attempted to explain these tips rationally and scientifically under the following headings, so that you have a choice and can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


Furniture should be placed in the South-East, South, or West sides of a room. It is best that the North-East corner of each room in the house be left empty. The Scientific Reasoning – Vastu recommends that maximum openings/windows should be kept in the North, East and North-East walls, in order to allow the useful, constant, morning sunlight from the North and the East into the rest of the house. So it is better to avoid furniture in these corners which may obstruct the light.

The house’s owner should sit facing North or East, and his guests should sit facing West or South. The Scientific Reasoning – When facing North one gets constant sunlight and by facing East, one gets morning sunlight which is very essential for the good health and feel-good mood of a person. So the owner can benefit at all times from the sunlight, while the guests who have just walked in from outside do not need it.

Avoid sitting facing South: The Scientific Reasoning – When you sit facing South, the Earth’s magnetic North pole and the body’s magnetic North pole, namely the head, repel each other causing a restless feeling.

Avoid sitting under exposed beams: as it excites your stress zone and disturbs your rational judgment in matters of importance. The balance can be partly restored by concealing beams with the help of a false ceiling. The Reason – When sitting in a room with an exposed beam, your peripheral eye vision is constantly disturbed as the ceiling is not uniform and the beam is projecting out. of irritation you get with a small speck of dirt on a clean surface. So it is better to conceal the beam.

Avoid furniture near sharp corners of columns: The Reason – These sharp edges can be dangerous when moving around and also can cause damage to the furniture when moved against them. Hence it is better to camouflage them by placing some objects like indoor plants.

Keep furniture at least 2″ away from the wallsThe Scientific Reason – To allow for the free flow of air all around and under the furniture, thus creating good ventilation.

Avoid Clutter: It represents stagnation. The Scientific Reason – When you see clutter you feel helpless about it, and it just keeps accumulating and becomes an irritant in your mind. Removing clutter in your house will help you feel more efficient and function optimally.

Avoid storing things under furniture: The Reason – The space under furniture gets very dusty and cannot be cleaned often. Hence it is meaningless to store anything there.

Clocks should be placed on the West, North, or East walls. The Scientific Reasoning – Since there is constant light from the North, morning light from the East and evening sunlight from the West, it will be easy to see the time if the clock is placed on these walls.

Mirrors should be placed on the North or East walls, not on the South or West walls. Do not keep broken mirrors in the house. The Scientific Reasoning – If the mirrors are placed on the North and East walls, then the constant light from the North and the morning sunlight from the East will fall on our faces as we look into the mirror, thus enabling us to see ourselves better.

Medicines should be kept in the North-East corner of the house. It is best to nurse those who are ill in the South-West corner of the house. The Scientific Reasoning – North-East corner is bathed with useful morning sunlight. In earlier days, medicines were made from herbs and water and if stored in the N-E corner, the UV rays of the sunlight helped to keep them fresh and free from contamination.

A TV can be placed in the South-East side of a room. Watch TV, facing East or North: The Reason – Since one tends to sit in front of the T.V. for long hours, it makes sense to sit facing North or East, as you can be exposed to the suns rays, entering from the North or East windows.

Air conditioners should be placed on West walls: The Reason – The West wall tends to get heated up the most in the evenings and during the night, hence it is logical to have Air coolers or air conditioners on this side.

Paintings can create an active ambience. However in selecting paintings, avoid pictures such as nudes, fighting animals, hunting/violent/death scenes, barren trees, snakes, owls, bats, vultures and pigeons. The Reason – Negative images can remain in our sub-conscious mind causing some tension in us.

There should be an even number of columns and beams in the house, not odd. The Scientific Reason – It has to do with the balance of the building structure.

Doors should generally be made from a single piece of wood and should open clockwise. The Scientific Reason – Most of the population is right-handed. Hence it becomes easier for a person to open the door with the right hand in a clockwise direction.

The wash basin can be in the North or East of any room- the Dining/Bathroom/Kitchen: The Scientific Reasoning – In ancient times, water was placed in the North-East so that it gets purified due to the morning sun’s U-V rays. So Vastu pundits apply this principle to each room where a source of water is required. But in reality today, water comes through pipes and taps from one water tank. So one need not apply this principle everywhere.

Avoid sleeping with head in the North: The Scientific Reason – The blood in the body contains iron, making the body magnetic with the positive polarity in the head. Hence the head represents the North pole while the feet are the South pole of the body. When you sleep with your head to the North, these two positive polarities repel each other, disrupting the flow of blood and affecting your sleep and health. Hence one should never sleep with the head in the North.


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