Varun Mishra

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Varun Mishra


Varun Mishra is a Scientific AstroPahal Expert with great experience in the field of Vedic Kundli reading, Numerology, LoshuGrid and Palmistry. He is a spiritual seeker and meditation trainer. He is a member of Brahma Kumari Classes and Play an active role in Raj Yoga Meditation. He is also a huge Follower of Sadhguru (Isha Yoga Foundation).

Varun Mishra is a Qualified chartered Accountant from Delhi and a commerce graduate from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University. He is RSS social worker and active in other social NGO platforms especially for the welfare of people.
Jyotish is Jyot + Ish = Light of God

Jyotish is a science with a real art along with presence of light of god in you. This is a real wonder and today in practical world where people are unhappy anyhow in all circumstances, Varun Mishra has served with practical heal therapy from a single individual to a corporates across many Places like Lucknow, Delhi, Agra , Kolhapur, Sangli etc.