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Which Planet/Planetary conjunctions is responsible for artificial intelligence ?

Post Date: June 6, 2020

Which Planet/Planetary conjunctions is responsible for artificial intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence is an extension of intelligence knowledge technology and database and all these applied together. Overall planets responsible for all these are Rahu, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

Third house and 5th house are for your creativity. Mercury and Rahu work for software, communication, interaction between various elements of software and networking. Therefore, Mercury and Rahu  of 3rd and 5th if getting linked to 10th house would indicate career in AI.

All other planets should also be well placed with no adverse effects.

Very powerful Mercury and 10th house are important.Pure intelligence and not wisdom is granted by Mercury. Mercury is the planet for intelligence..when it is combined with technology, then Mercury conjunct with Mars (planet for machines, computers, higher technology), in the 5th house could give a career in artificial intelligence…

The innovation and creativity comes from 3rd 5th and and profession from 10th house therefore there should have been a linkage in all these houses to work in artificial intelligence..

Finally exact prediction will come from the Lagna chart,  D9 and D10 Charts for clear view of the profession.


(Karmic Coach, Vedic Reader)

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