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The Secret Revealed – Why Millennials Love Astrology

Post Date: May 18, 2020

The Secret Revealed – Why Millennials Love Astrology

Aged around 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 – Millennials born 1986 through 1995, in their late twenties and early thirties, love

The secret revealed..Why millennials love astrology..

Millennials are basically considered the educated lot who often have all the requisite qualities of living and understanding what it means to be in a modern era or the so called new age and at the same time also understanding the value of traditions, philosophy, and to a good extent spirituality too.

They are a mix of both old and new cultural values. Along with age old traditional values, also they look forward to the changing life style, use of science and technology.

This may be due to the fact that the generation before them was more into traditional practices and astrology is one of those practices and hence a strong belief in occult runs in their dna. And the millennials themselves adapted to the new age system, transforming from age old system to the modern era but also taking forward the rich heritage, valuable traditions, spirituality, religious practices, festivals, a strong believe in god and hence astrology too which is a part of the old vedic and our traditions too.

Obviously they also welcomed astrology with an open heart because their application of mind is well developed as they are educated with a touch of rich cultural age old systems and hence they have analysed that astrology does work and surely has a strong impact on the events in their life. They realise that the zodiac signs does reflect their personality traits and the movement of the celestial planets which change signs also is equally important in giving results. They relate themselves with the zodiac signs and in the process read about it through various sources like mainstream media, internet, youtube, web pages, blogs, and various other social platforms and these are easy access for them to dive into this wonderful occult science, astrology.

The other most important reasons being and could be that as time moved forward their has been a shift in life style, people want to become financially independent whether it’s a girl or a boy. Also want to chose their life partners as peur their own will and choice which wasn’t a case earlier and even if it was, it was not so prevalent and freedom was not there.

As such with an aim to chose their partners and also become financially independent they take more time to settle down in a marriage because the priority has shifted from early marriage to become financially independent. And to achieve this goal more time is given to higher education like completing mba, masters etc.

Because of which by the time they decide to settle down, the age reaches almost 30years and then some sort of panic and anxiety arises and here also comes astrology which they look forward to, to help them now settle down fast in their career and also marriage.

Also many more factors have attracted the millennials towards astrology like their are many career options now from field of medicine, engineering, arts, law, commerce, banking, finance, technical, correspondence, food sector, information technology, automobiles, logistics, and many many more which wasn’t the case earlier.

Hence to try and understand what suits them best as a career option, astrology comes to their rescue. Also in these times people face relationship issues more as compared to past and their lot of breakup’s, deceit, emotional mess, heartbreaks, and all this makes ones life hellish. All these factors have lead millennials towards astrology and this wonderful science of life helps to cross over the rough seas and live a happy, peaceful and contentment life.

Bharat b bajaj

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