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The Ruthless Mars in Capricorn

Post Date: March 5, 2022

The Ruthless Mars in Capricorn

As the aggressive and ruthless Mars has moved into the workaholic and sign of structure and rigidity ie. Capricorn sign, as such it’s more about action.

Russia – Ukraine conflict can escalate from here and also possibly of some other countries taking sides. As per news reports countries like Belarus, North Korea, Syria have voted against the UN resolution that condemned Russias invasion. Abstaining were 35 countries including India, China, Iraq, Iran etc.

Germany planning to send anti air missiles to Ukrain and Japan planning to freeze assets of 4 Russian banks.

The nakshatra Poorva Bhadrapada active for the day can also possibly mean of situation getting worst and dangerous and conflict growing further with increased brutal attacks from both sides.Get your report

With 4 planets joining hands together Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Venus all in the cold and dry Capricorn as if showing no mercy as Ukrain confirmed about 2000 civilians killed and the day being one of the cruelest.

Over all the stressful situation may prolong upto 7th April when Mars decides to leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius. But even in Aquarius Mars may behave awkwardly with both sides planning to give sudden unexpected jolts on each other.

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Bharat B Bajaj

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