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May lord Sun bless us all with a good life, lot of talent, name, fame and recognition.

Sunday is ruled by the royal planet Sun. So let’s talk about Sun-

In Astrology Sun is your Soul. And it seems that Sun operates perfectly. Rises every day and sets also on time, provides energy to earth and all that’s living here. Sun performs all its actions on time and accurately. Because if it did not do so, there shall be chaos, confusion and disastrous for this planet earth and possibly for this entire plane of existence (Bhumandal)

So if Sun is your Soul then why human beings who are said to have a Soul in their physical bodies perform imperfect, disorganized actions and are in-comprehensive and not comprehensive like the beautiful Sun.

I believe here comes the role of Spirit. I think the beings with a spirit (and not a soul) look at themselves and their material desires as the final goal of life because the basic energy of existence is Spirit which can be in any shape and form- humans, animals, plants, etc

Where as a being with a Soul are comprehensive and might have already known that there is more beyond just birth and death, beyond just dwindling for some time on this earth and then vanishing in the name of death and repeating this process and hence their level of understanding is far superior then beings with a spirit. Because having reached the level of Soul it guides you in “becoming”

Because it also seems that only after reaching the level of soul, one can attain salvation and not at the level of spirit.

The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation.”
—– Charles Spurgeon

Most of us on this planet have spirit and not every one has a soul. Even when we hear about ghosts, the term spirit is also associated with it but not the word soul. Soul is a higher, superior and better form of spirit. Hence quite possible that may be one in a million have soul to attain salvation and the rest continue to suffer.

So can it be said that people with Sun in Aries (as sun goes into exaltation here) are more organized, then sun in libra. Can’t say but yes it’s for sure that libra Sun people do struggle more to get results and get into ego clashes too.

Sun being the creator of this materiel universe, is believed to be the son of Rishi Kashyap, one of the 7 Saptrishis (7 Sages) born from the creator. Also believed that Sage Marichi (Ray of light) is the father of Sun and Lord Brahma is the father of Sage Marichi.

Remedies for Sun-

Where ever your Sun is in your horoscope, one will still have to put their self righteous efforts to get good results like paying respect to elders, to your father, standing before the Rising Sun early morning and offering prayers to the same, meditation, possibly having your dinner before sun set, avoiding Ego hassles as sun rules your ego too. Mantra for Sun – Om Suryaaya namah, Recite Aditya Hridaya strot, Om Hraam hreem, hroum Sah suryaaya Namah, donate wheat and jaggery.

Bharat B Bajaj

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