The Celestial Planets in your Horoscope

Post Date: April 6, 2021

The Celestial Planets in your Horoscope

These planets are nothing but a particular form of energy. Sun is your soul. It’s the main source of life on earth, similarly it’s also the main source of life in a body. Moon controls your emotions and your thought patterns and so does all other Planets rule a certain area of your life.

In this universe, from Gods, demigods, humans to insects. All have two types of bodies – one is mental and other is physical.

Both these bodies work in a combination with each other as per the position of planets, there relation / aspect on each other in your birth horoscope.

For example if you have a Saturn – Jupiter conjunction, so Saturn will enhance your wisdom and Jupiter will try to seek more knowledge and have a strong spiritual inclination hence you will find natives with this combination can be very philosophical and one who is spiritual also – a saint, a yogi etc. Saturn and Jupiter together will amplify your spiritual quest and you will try to dig deep into such subjects like occult, the realm, meditation etc

Similarly if you have Sun – Saturn combination this is called “Chhatra bhang yog”. Here in there will be an internal clash between your Ego and your desire to serve others.

Similarly all these planets effect you, your life style, your personality and also the way you think and act. Of these two bodies ie. mental and physical, the first one is always on a move, extremely impatient. And the 2nd one ie.physical body made of flesh and blood is dependent upon destiny, it is like a flame of candle which is weak and easily put off or extended for a small period of time (life span) by results of your good and bad actions.

When the mind dwells constantly on what is pure, it is immune to the effects of karma.  The body may fall into fire or mire, but the mind experiences only that which it contemplates. A strong Mars will give you an aggressive mindset, and an aspect Moon on your mars will give you the will to fulfil your materiel goals.

Similarly a Rahu Moon aspect also called Grahan will give you a confused mind set , depressive tendencies or other wise a very unpredictable and changing behaviour.

In your mind the intention to materially exist arises in the form of different types of energies of these planets in their extremely subtle state: the totality of all this is the living entity.

Bharat B Bajaj

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