Switchwords Magic: Words & Code Switch ~ Karmic Coach

Post Date: September 26, 2021

Switchwords Magic: Words & Code Switch ~ Karmic Coach

Krishna Krishna Krishna !!!

Switchwords are Seed-beej mantras in English. It means that words hold the power to change your energy. Switch words can be called single-word affirmations and can replace affirmations. Switch words help you to manifest. These powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind, activating your ability to manifest money, creativity, self-healing and success. It can be a words, phrases or codes also.

However, with Switchwords you can manifest, progeny, childbirth, health, healing, education, income, business, job, career, beauty, love, marriage, friendship, travelling, fame, and so on. Switchwords or Switch phrases is a blessing. You can use Switchwords for your own self, your family, friends, relatives, or anyone else. So Its better to look what words you choose to speak in daily life regularly to rectify the negative vibes.

Some common useful switch words till now:

  • Find, divine, count, done and scheme – These are used to manifest wealth in our lives
  • Together- It is a master switch word that can help focus on your intention
  • Count – To attract Money
  • Waste – Appear Wealthy
  • Bring – It is the manifestation power word to help you bring what you desire in life
  • Curve – To reduce weight
  • Qualified Full Victory – To Qualify competition exams
  • Love, Rejoice, Divine – Use these words to attract love in your life
  • Adjust – This creates balance and helps handle difficult and unpleasant situations.
This list is exhaustive. You can make your own switchwords or codes also to heal or manifest . You can use Switchwords according to the problem you’re are facing. One thing about Switchwords is that you can write it with Blue color pen on your left body part or can just chant minimum of 21 times or maximum 108 times.

Anyone can make use of Switchwords. There’s no danger of harm by their use, so feel free to try them for any situation that they could relieve or improve.

Om Shanti & Hare Krishna to all Blessed Souls……



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