Sri Astro Vastu in news | Media Coverage For One Of The Best Astrologer MR. SANJAY AGARWAL

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Post Date: February 3, 2023

Sri Astro Vastu in news | Media Coverage For One Of The Best Astrologer MR. SANJAY AGARWAL

How Our Company Sri Astro Vastu Made Headlines: A Look at Our Recent Media Coverages

It’s not every day that a company receives media coverage, but here at Sri Astro Vastu, we’re proud to say that we’ve recently made headlines! In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the coverage we received and why it’s an exciting accomplishment for our team.

First and foremost, we want to extend a huge thank you to the media outlets who took the time to highlight our company. Their support and recognition of our hard work means the world to us. The coverage we received covered the story of our founder and how he became an astrologer.



One of the highlights of our media coverage was a feature in THE TELEGRAPH, which discussed our unique approach to ASTROLOGY. The article praised our astrologer for his unique ideas and thought process with commitment to improving the lives of our customers. This kind of recognition is truly invaluable, as it helps to build our brand and increase our visibility in the marketplace. Visit Our Website



Sri Astro Vastu Bhagya Ratna News

Another exciting moment was when BHAYA RATAN wrote about our Astrologer and his predictions. As a company, we believe it’s our responsibility to do our part in giving back to the society, and we’re always looking for our customers. The article highlighted our efforts to improve peoples life and how these initiatives have helped many people uplift their life .


Saturn transit 20233


News coverage

In addition to these articles, we also received coverage from YUGMARG. These pieces covered a wide range of topics, from our history to how we became a 1 lakh people family and counting. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. We were able to receive such positive coverage from so many different outlets.



Himalaya Darpan news

With that, we also received coverage from HIMALAYA DARPAN. These pieces also covered the same topics as yugmarg. This story has been publish in other places also for its massive recognition and appreciation.  Even JANPATH SAMACHAR also get the same story covered.


Janpath Samachar

In conclusion, we’re thrilled to have received media coverage and are grateful for the recognition we’ve received. It’s not every day that a company receives such positive attention. We’re proud to be part of this exciting moment. We’ll continue to work hard and innovate, with the goal of making a difference in the lives of our customers.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Sri Astro Vastu!




What are the services that Sri Astro Vastu provides?

We are Pioneer and Popular in Vedic Astrology & Vastu Consultation. We have services regarding Marriage Astrology, Love Astrology, Finance Report, Kundali Service , Matching Making, Astrology Consultation and many more. Do check our website to know more 

How Do I trust an online service?

Well we have served more than 1Lakh happy customers and your can see our testimonials as a proof. Our CEO personally talks to the clients who aren’t satisfied with our service and after the consultation also if the customer is unsatisfied then there is a refund policy also.

Which astrologer is more accurate?

Predictions based on Vedic astrology are more accurate and reliable than other astrology. All these sign based predictions are generic and for brief prediction you need lots of details, dasha, yoga and charts. Which is made specifically from your date, place and time of birth.

Can astrologer change our life ?

No, astrologer can’t change our life. They can guide us, give us remedies, give some prediction and give us cautions. At the end of the day its on us how we do things and tackle things.

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