The Last Solar Eclipse of 2022 | Solar Eclipse And Its Effects | Astrological Analysis

Solar eclipse
Post Date: October 29, 2022

The Last Solar Eclipse of 2022 | Solar Eclipse And Its Effects | Astrological Analysis


There is a Solar eclipse on 25 October 2022, the timing is 4:49 pm it starts and will be overall at 5:00 pm. Will descend and get over by 6:05 pm. So the total time is around 1:20 minutes. This is as per Mumbai’s timing. You may check at what time it occurs at your place.

It will affect more on Southeast Europe, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, western parts of India, Africa, some parts of Russia, Siberia and nearby areas. It can also extend its effect beyond these places but will have a major impact.


Solar Eclipse



It’s a very crucial eclipse impacting almost every corner of the world, including Europe, Africa, Russia, Siberia, Gulf, some parts of Asia and India etc. This eclipse is taking place in Libra Moon in the constellation of Swati. This constellation is ruled by Rahu (North node) and Sun, Moon, Venus and Ketu will be transiting in Libra itself. Hence I believe this eclipse will show its impact on a serious concern. It’s as if some message from the God.

It will have maximum impact on Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the next signs after these 3 signs that will be effected are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and it will have less effect on Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and least effect on Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

As it’s triggering in Libra sign, it simply means chaos, confusion, lot of interaction between various countries, like forming of groups like how it happened during the 1 and 2 world war when countries were divided.


Sun the king of all planets is effected hence all important people, all those in power, politicians, state heads etc need to be very careful. Also possibility of sudden death of one of them or even a conspiracy against some of them to the extent of threat to their lives. It’s not just about death; those in power and politics may also face other issues like legal issues, conspiracies, etc. But this can also include other celebrities from media and entertainment etc as Venus is also combust.

As this is happening in air sign of Libra hence all those things connected with air like aviation industry, hotel and tourism sector, media and entertainment, communication, aircrafts etc will experience negative incidents, also natural disasters like cyclones, floods, earth quakes etc. like Russia – Ukrain conflict there can be stressful situations between other countries too.

Possibly of major changes and regulations in law and order again due to Libra – Swati Nakshatra. Also do take care of your pets particularly dogs and cats. The impact of this eclipse already started and will leave its effect for next 3 to 6 months.

Sun is a hot planet and eclipse is in an air sign. So if you combine this energy of fire and air means also possibly of explosions, bombing, air strike, short circuits, fire, destruction of mobile towers and equipment’s used for communication etc. Such incidents may even happen at an individual level so got to be careful while you are dealing with equipment’s using electricity, gas, etc


Solar Eclipse



I strongly believe the recent aggressive bombing by Russia on Ukraine is outcome of this upcoming eclipse cause it happened recently few days back. Though the war is going on since many months but recent past it turned ugly. The air sign also means movement. The air moves and cannot be at one place. Hence, also means large scale shifting of people from one place to another, losses on a large scale to those in field of media, entertainment, communication sector etc.

Now this Air seems to be in no good mood as it’s disturbed due to heat of the Sun and the eclipse is in Rahu – Swati in Libra. Sun itself isn’t in a mood to give any positive results. Here as he’s debilitated in Libra and above that it’s bitter enemy Ketu is also with him. Ketu is significate for salvation. Hence, wants this world to get rid of decaying past, and unjust and immoral practices. Ways that mankind has adopted since so long and for which Ketu can be harsh.

Possible remedies that can be applied –

Take care of your pets, offer prayer to Lord Ganesh, recite Aditya Hridaya Strot to pacify Sun. After the eclipse donate wheat made items to poor, Visit Lord Shiv temple after the eclipse and offer prayers.

Chant the mantra Om or Aum. All religions lead to one and same, ie one God, whether it’s Hinduism, Abrahamic religions like Christianity, Islam or Vedic.

Solar eclipse and all such natural events don’t show any partiality. They will impact particular religion but won’t do so with other religion, it’s never like this.

You may follow which ever religion but God is only one and even practices are similar. In Vedic and Hinduism we here of “Lord Kalki to come and destroy Kaal (demon)”. Similarly in Christianity it’s “Return of Jesus” and for Jews it’s Messiah. I believe and similarly even Islam mentions about God coming back to destroy evil.

Hence, these natural phenomena like solar eclipse has a major impact on this planet. They occur with some intention like a message from God.

Bharat B Bajaj

Expert Astrologer

Solar Eclipse

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