Birth Day and its significance | On Which Day Were You Born and its specialty

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Post Date: May 23, 2022

Birth Day and its significance | On Which Day Were You Born and its specialty

Significance of Your Birth Day:

From a very young age, our Birth day was celebrated to make us feel special. The same like that the Day you are born has some special influence on your life, personality, and characteristics. Today we are going to know about that. So sit tight and let’s get on with the days. These are general traits, as the entire chart needs to be checked along with the position of planets, Nakshatra, zodiac signs, degrees, etc to give more accurate information about the native. Birth day, birth time, and birthplace play a very important role in a person’s life. Through this information, astrologers could reveal many facts regarding a person. Let us know what do your Birth Day tell about you –


Significance of Birth day


Native whose Birth Day is on Sunday-

You have a strong desire to showcase your talent in front of all, you can be either large-hearted or the opposite of this. Can be an egoist also, always prefer to be in the lead in whatever I want to do. May have either a very good relationship with my father or the opposite of this. Can be well recognized in society. Prone to bones problems, acidity, etc. Know about your Janam Kundali.


Significance of birth day


Native whose Birth Day is on Monday –

You can be sensitive and emotional. At times unpredictable, soft-hearted, generally good-looking, caring but at times very moody, depressive tendencies, but soft-spoken, close to mother or opposite of this, fond of children. At times can be very cold and dry. Fond of liquids like juices, cocktails, mocktails, alcohol, etc. prone to hypertension, anxiety, hormonal problems, head / brain-related problems, skin-related, cold cough, etc.


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Significance of birth day


Native whose Birth Day is on Tuesday-

Aggressive and of angry disposition, very quick and restless, always on a go, fond of outdoor activities, inclined towards Tamsik food like nonveg and alcohol, prone to injuries, may have differences with younger siblings or opposite of this ie. Full support from siblings etc, prone to blood infection, blood sugar, acidity, etc. Know about your Janam Kundali.


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Native whose Born Day is on Wednesday-

Diplomatic, intelligent and good communication skills, Learned, argumentative, acting skills, youthful, lively, business sense, practical, down to earth, hard-working, but at times childlike behavior and kiddish, can show signs of immaturity, good looking and pleasing personality, etc, prone to cold and cough, throat related, headaches, etc


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Native whose Born Day is on Thursday-

Knowledgeable, good in matters of finance and banking, counselor, teaching skills, fond of long travels, prone to weight gain, religiously inclined, practical and down to earth, like to socialize, law-abiding, family man, flirtatious, philosopher, etc, a good companion, prone to inflammation, fat, stomach issues, etc


Birth Day



Native whose Born Day is on Friday –

Creative, artist, romantic, good looking, runs after all sorts of material pleasures and comforts, somewhat lazy, lively, optimist, enjoys life, flamboyant, flirtatious, likes to socialize, very presentable, unreliable, prone to diseases like kidney problems, diabetic, sex-related problems, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, etc, relationship problems, full of life, a good companion, teaching skills, etc


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Native whose Born Day is on Saturday-

Hard worker, rigid and Inflexible many times, helper, practical and down to earth, not so expressive, unemotional at times. Shows concern for the underprivileged, has to sacrifice for others, at service to others. Prone to arthritis, bones and joints problem, struggle in life, but achieves success too after hard work. Family or marriage life can be disturbed, can also have extraordinary success in life. Lazy, flamboyant, unpredictable and spiritually inclined, etc.

Bharat B Bajaj

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Astrology by Bharat B Bajaj is a professional Astrologer from Mumbai.

His Views on Astrology
“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”
This page is about astrological readings and remedies.

Astrology is the science of life. The laws of karma are clear and rigid. As you sow, so shall you reap.
We all have different lifestyles, natures, and success stories resulting from our past life karmic deeds. The horoscope displays the same.
The evil effects due to negative deeds done in past can be rectified by studying the chart and applying proper remedies.
Hence, we bring you this page about astrological readings, characteristics of planets and zodiac signs, their impacts on our lives, and remedies to cure them.

Birth Day


What does my birth date mean in astrology?

Your birth date is important for figuring out which moon sign you are. This is the Rashi at the time of your birth, Your Moon sign determines your personality.

Which date is lucky to born?

There is no such thing as lucky date to take birth. All the days and dates have different significance. Every day is connected with a planet and its gives the special powers of those planet.

Can your birthday predict your future?

Yes your birthday can predict your future but with that you even need birth place , birth time etc. The days and dates can influence your future, from your longevity to your profession.

What my birthday says about my future career?

Your birthday reveals a lot about you including your  career potential, working style and compatibility with future coworkers. The day you are born, it can tell you more specific things about your working potential, especially regarding the people you will work best with in class and your job.

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