Saturn transit to Leo: What does it mean for you? Find out!

Post Date: March 16, 2022

Saturn transit to Leo: What does it mean for you? Find out!

Saturn Transit to Leo:

Position: For the Leo ascendant and zodiac, Saturn is going to transit in the seventh house. This Saturn transit is going to bring a lot of difficulties in the native’s life. Now, what kind of problems will this Saturn transit bring you will get to know it by checking out the video which is attached with the blog.

From the seventh house, Saturn is going to keep its vision on the fourth house as well. And with its third vision, Saturn is going to be looking at the ninth house as well.



Saturn transit Impact on leo:

The seventh house is very auspicious in our zodiac.

However, natives might feel a reduction in their energy or life force.

Saturn’s vision in the ninth house could cause some conflict with your colleagues. And it’s vision on the fourth house means that you will have to take more care of your mother’s health as well.



If you feel a reduction in your life force or are getting tired very quickly, then taking walks in the evening or runs will help and with that change your food habits, go for more healthy food avoiding spicy or oily food.

Listening to Rudram chant in the evening, while taking a walk, will enhance the positive impact of the seventh house transit of Saturn. Even give thirty minutes to meditation every morning.

Doing evening walks and listening to Rudram will also reduce the effect of this transit on the health of your mother. so, when you are going for the walk take her with you and make sure you do regular health check ups for her. Don’t take any issues lightly, visit the doctor if any problems arise.



Based on inputs from Sanjay Agarwal Head, Jyotish and Vastu, Sri Astro Vastu.

Inspired by H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living


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