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Saturn’s transit to Aries: What does it mean for you? Find out!

Post Date: March 12, 2022

Saturn’s transit to Aries: What does it mean for you? Find out!

Saturn’s transit to Aries What does it mean for you? Find out!



What happens when Saturn transits from Capricorn to Aries?

Aries is considered a native house for Saturn. Ancient astrological scriptures have mentioned that when Saturn moves to one of its native zodiacs, it drops 50 percent of its negative energy. This means that at the onset, this transit is going to be favorable for most zodiacs. After almost 30 years, Saturn is transiting in Aries


After almost 30 years, Saturn is transiting in  Aries. Do note that the effects and measures mentioned below are for the lunar signs and ascendants.




For the Aries zodiac and ascendant, this transit is going to be in their eleventh house. The eleventh house is the house of profit.



The eleventh house is signified by profit and the presence of Saturn is going to greatly enhance the possibility of earnings.

The 30 Months could fulfill all the stuck tasks.

People in the service sector could see increments and good promotions.

You may have to give special attention while descending the stairs or walking as chances of injury are higher during this transit.



Going to a satsang, doing bhajan kirtan or discussing some knowledge in a group, meditating in a group will negate the limited side effects of this transit.

Doing exercises for your shoulders, especially where arms and shoulders are used will be beneficial for you.

Add the pilgrimage of Ujjain Mahakal in your tour list as visiting that temple will be very auspicious. Chanting Shani mantra will enhance the positive impact of this transit.

At the end, we would like to reiterate that Saturn or Shanidev is the lord of justice which means that any good or bad we see is going to be the result of our own actions. However, following the above measures, according to your zodiac, can enhance the positive and reduce the negative impact of this transit.


Based on inputs from Sanjay Agarwal Head, Jyotish and Vastu, Sri Astro Vastu.

Inspired by H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living



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