Saturn’s transit to Aquarius: What does it mean for you? Find out!

Post Date: March 12, 2022

Saturn’s transit to Aquarius: What does it mean for you? Find out!




Saturn, the also the ruling planet of Aquarius will be entering Aquarius. The peak of Shani Sade Sati will be seen during this transit.

Saturn will also have an impact on the tenth house and the second house.



This transit can be challenging for Aquarius zodiac and ascendant but since Saturn is entering Aquarius, half the negative impact is automatically nullified.

There may be an impact on your health and you may get into an argument with your siblings.

Your life partner, in case you are married, will need you a lot more during this transit.

Saturn’s vision on the second house means that your financial matters will see a good gain.



Go for Panchakarma treatment once or twice a year. Ayurvedic treatments and massages which purify and rejuvenate your body are required as this transit will result in an increase of toxins.

Exercising regularly, being active physically is a must during this transit.


Based on inputs from Sanjay Agarwal Head, Jyotish and Vastu, Sri Astro Vastu.

Inspired by H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar, Art of Living


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