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The day Saturday and it’s ruler being the strong headed, rigid and disciplinary Saturn. Let’s find out more facts about this cold and dry Saturn.

Saturn in Sanskrit is called Shani. Shani also means to move slowly and steadily and hence to give results also slowly. Shani delays but never denies.

In orbit Saturn is the last planet after Jupiter and far away from his father Sun. He’s the eldest son of Sun but far away distance wise because he doesn’t get along well with his father Sun. They both have major differences. There are various stories about this and according to one, Saturn wanted place of his father Sun and wanted to be thr king of all planets but his father refused to give his position to Saturn and since then they don’t like each other.

As per another one – when Saturn was born, Sun visits to see him and due to heat of Sun, Saturn turns dark in colour and about which when Saturn knows he starts disliking his father.

We all live under the time cycle of Sun, ie 24 hours a day, 365 days a year etc and we expect results in our life according to Sun time cycle but Saturn being enemy to Sun tries to disrupt this time cycle by giving us results late by creating his own time cycle which is Kaal of Shani.

Saturn is given the post of being the supreme judge, it’s Saturn who gives us results as per our karma good and bad ones. Saturn’s sibling is lord Yamdev, God of death.

Saturn also has enmity with the aggressive Mars. It’s like Saturn refuses to stand and Mars refuses to sit and the Cold War between these two also goes on. But Saturn is hard worker no doubt and blesses the native with qualities like patience, hard work, structure and order and on negative side it can behave like a sadist, making you always think negatively, depressive tendencies, delays etc

Mantra for Shani is Om Shanaishcharaya Namah. Shani also has many more names like Surya Putra, Chhaya Putra, Pingala, Ravi Putra.

One of the famous Shani Mantra-
Neelanjan Samabhasam, Raviputram, Yamagrajam, Chhayamartanda Sambhutam Tam Namaami Shanaishcharam

Bharat B Bajaj


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