SATURN- Astrological Significance, Role and Importance

Post Date: December 21, 2020

SATURN- Astrological Significance, Role and Importance

Let’s explore the Saturn or Shani Grah’s Astrological, mythological and Astrological significance in human life. Shani Mitra Aur Shatru Grah: Let us go in details to discuss the Astrological significance of Saturn. Shanidev is better worshiped as the deity of justice. According to scholars, the god of Saturn is Shani Dev.

Saturn is considered a malefic planet in Astrology. But when placed in beneficial sign and house, he bestows a person with great wealth and fame. The ruling planet of Saturday is Saturn. If you just look at the difference between Sun and Saturn, they both are two opposite energies.

Sun rules day time from Sunrise to Sunset where as Saturn rules night time from Sunset upto next day morning Sunrise.

Saturn significance astrology 2021

Saturn significance astrology 2021


Sun is very disciplined as we can see it rises and sets daily on time. If it would miss his daily schedule there would be chaos on planet earth.

Saturn who is son of Sun is infact more disciplined than his father. It’s associated with the dark energy but it symbolises that both light and dark are equally important. Sun is ego and full of show business, it’s royal in its attitude. It won’t go down and do labour job.

It’s only Saturn which does that. The best way to get results of your manual work is Saturday. Clean your house, remove all clutter, throw away all unwanted, old items, old clothes, old shoes, dead electronics, throw away all garbage.

You can also donate things that are of no use to you. If your house looks like a garbage can or a junkyard, Saturday is the day to get rid of all that junk.


Astrological Significance, Role and Importance of Saturn 2021

Saturday is immediate next to Friday. Friday is ruled by Venus the planet of comfort, luxury, happiness and prosperity.  All these things can be experienced only if you are living in a very well done, neat and clean surrounding. Even Goddess Laxmi the ruler of Venus and goddess of prosperity and comforts shuns away from every thing that is untidy, unhygienic and full of dirt.


Saturday is called “Shanaishcharaya”. It means to work at your own pace and no hurry and slow and steadily get rid of every thing unhygienic. Saturn’s best friend is Venus. They both can go hand in hand only if Saturn’s energy is utilised to maintain cleanliness so that you can live a beautiful, comfortable life through Venus.

In ancient texts its mentioned that Indrajit son of Ravana was about to be born. Ravana was very extremely powerful that he imprisoned all the planets in the 11th house of gains in Indrajits birth chart so that Indrajit becomes extremely powerful and undisputed ruler.

But Saturn stretched its legs in the 12th house of problems. God’s appealed Saturn not to do so as Saturn in 12th would have let To disastrous results for Indrajit, but Saturn being “Nyaydheesh” the supreme Judge had to maintain justice so he along with Jupiter (life force) made a ball and threw it in Indrajits 12th house which is called “Mandi”. which is also considered as an important reason of Indrajits downfall.

Saturn is rigid and inflexible in its approach hence people are scared of Saturn. But it’s not a bad planet at all. No planet is bad. They are just different energies and incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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