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Rudraksha- 4 Mukhi

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Rudraksha- 4 Mukhi



Beej Mantra

Mantra – Om Hreem Namah / Om Namah Shivaya

Ruling Planet


Product Information

Rudraksha is a unique Gem of Nature, that can benefit in many ways. It purifies your soul and provides you with the benefits of a happy and prosperous life. It helps a person to attain salvation and freedom from all sins. It brings positive effects into every aspect of life and helps to adopt purity. Wearing Rudraksha can direct a person’s life towards the path of success. It is a protection shield from external negative vibes. It purifies the surroundings and brings in positivity.
The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha has 4 natural lines on its surface and has a natural opening from one side to the other, which marks its originality.
4 Mukhi Rudraksha is directly the symbol of Lord Brahma. It carries the energy of Lord Brahma, who is known as the Guru of all Hindu Devas.
As soon as this bead touches the heart area of the wearer, he/she starts receiving many types of benefits in day today’s life. It enhances divine vibrations.


The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha controls the malefic effects of the planet Mercury.
According to Astrology, 4 Mukhi Rudraksha comes under Mercury (Budh). The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearer gain wisdom and immense knowledge in all spheres of life. It specializes in enhancing communication skills and positively changing the personality of the wearer.
The energy of the Guru which is inherent in a original 4 Mukhi Rudraksha helps in realizing all the 4 levels of knowledge which are as Jagrit ,swapna, sushupti, turiya It also expands memory power, vocal power, wit and intelligence.
It is beneficial to scientists, intellectuals, artists, writers, journalists, students, scholars, teachers, writers, and researchers. It gives the wearer the creative power and provides him knowledge. It is also considered beneficial in warding off diseases of the body. It helps in increasing mind’s concentration, intelligence and greatly increases the possibility of success in works.
4 Mukhi Rudraksha hanging is also used in the study area of children to energize the study area. Children can wear it as a single bead or it can be worn along with the 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. It energizes the 7 chakras to spin at a higher frequency and experience enhanced divine vibrations.

Day of Wearing

Thursday morning, after taking a bath and doing daily Puja at home.

How to Wear

One can wear it with a silk or cotton thread,can be worn as bracelet or necklace. It can also be placed at place of worship


The Rudraksha sent to our clients are previously energized by our Guruji, Therefore it may be directly worn by a person or placed in the Puja Room or Place of Worship


Natural Rudraksha comes in Brown, Blood Red, Black, Yellow and White colour.

Packaging Type

Single Piece.


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