Ruby, which is also called Manik is the gemstone of love

Post Date: July 5, 2020

Ruby, which is also called Manik is the gemstone of love

Ruby, which is also called Manik is the gemstone of love. This beautiful gemstone is known for is hardness. It very elegant and its color range from pink to red. Ruby gemstone brings Self-confidence, fortune, and happiness in the life of the wearer. It also imparts healing powers to the wearer. It helps in curing serious blood-related diseases, brain hemorrhage, and mental disease.

Ruby imparts extraordinary status and bountiful wealth to the wearer. It abstains confusions and brings the focus in the life of an individual. It is beneficial for Professional and students. This stone also creates stability in financial matters and gives recognition in society. In medical astrology, wearing a ruby restores vitality and also helps in issues which are related to eyesight and blood circulation. Even communication power will improve by wearing ruby gemstone.


Star ruby is an exceptional variety of ruby which exhibits six-rayed star that sparkles over the surface of the stone when it is moved. The reason behind star effect is its alignment to needle-like rutile inclusions. This rutile is responsible for its silky shine. Ruby is categorized as the red form of gem-quality corundum. It extremely hard and is endowed with rich color and silky shine.

The color of Ruby ranges from pinkish red to orangey, purplish and brownish-red Star ruby is one of the most valuable types of gemstones.

Burma is the well-known locality for Rubies. They have beautiful color and are called “pigeons blood”. These rubies have the highest prices. They are the rarest and expensive gemstones.

There are many good qualities of rubies available in the world but Burma ruby is known for its quality and outstanding features. These gemstones have the deep dark red color which is unavailable in any other origins. So people love to buy them. The fact is also that Burmees Ruby mining is insufficient and so the prices of this ruby are high. The price of the Rubies is due to its beauty, rarity, and durability.


Astrologically, Sun is the ruler of the Ruby. It is a source of light and it is a symbol of light and hope. It signifies power, prestige, and pride.

If Sun is unfavorably placed in one’s horoscope, then it has a negative effect on life and health-related issues. Here Ruby gemstone has the power to nullify the negative effects of the Sun and thereby imparts good health and strength.


Times immemorial, the most important deposits of Rubies have been in Upper Burma near Mogok. Few rubies are of pigeon’s blood color and are taken to be the to be the most valuable rubies of all. In the early 1990s, huge new deposits were discovered at Mong Hsu.

Thailand: Rubies found in Thailand have either brown or violet touch. But to our dismay, Thai ruby production is going down.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan deposits are located in a southwest island in Ratnapura District. Rubies obtained from these deposits are generally light-red color to raspberry red.

Tanzania: There are gemstone quality ruby deposits which range from violet to brown red on the upper Umba river in Northwest Tanzania

Other Star Ruby deposits found in Afghanistan, Kenya, Cambodia, Madagascar Vietnam, Brazil, India, etc.

Rubies are used as gemstone for centuries for making beautiful jewelry. Since Ruby is a very durable material and can be worn daily in gemstone rings, earrings, bracelets pendants, necklaces, pins, and brooches etc. Opaque ruby is generally used for carvings.

Star ruby is best for jewelry which is exposed to direct light, such as a cabochon ring. Star ruby is hardly available in large sizes, so most jewelry features small stones. Star gemstones are also very popular for men’s jewelry. Gold settings provide an outstanding contrast to the color of red ruby.

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