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Garnet gemstone is known as Gomedk stone in Hindi is regarded highly for its hardness which is 7.5 on no scale and its utter brilliance.

The popularity of garnet gemstone is not only confined to recent times rather even in 18th and 19th century, this stone had gained immense popularity among people around the world.

Often due to the low price, the Hessonite stone value has been subsided by people. And, its adequacy and significance are being questioned.

However, besides the plethora of availability of Hessonite stone, there are few rare types of garnet stones are found worldwide which collaboratively enhances the value of this stone.


Spessartite garnet is orange to red-brown color garnet which is also known to be color change garnet stone. It is a rare variety of the garnet family and this makes this stone extremely valuable.

This stone was discovered in 1880 and the name, “space-time” comes from the Bavarian word, “Spessart”, meaning “forest”, the Spessartite garnet is discovered from the countries like Kenya, Brazil, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the USA.

The hardness of the Spessartite variety gemstone is between 6.5 to 7.5 and considers being a hard mineral.

The rarest variety of garnet is Tsavorite garnet which appears green in color. Due to its green color, this stone has proximity to the emerald gemstone.

It is composed of calcium silicate aluminum. This stone was first discovered in 1967 by a Scottish geologist.

Generally, this stone is found in places like Kenya, Africa and Tanzania The Tsavorite garnet was made popular when Tiffany & Co started promoting it and marketing it around the world.

Earlier this gemstone was mined from 40 mines across the world, however; nowadays only four mines have been left. Therefore, it has fallen into the category of rare garnet stone.

Rhodolite garnet is an extremely beautiful gemstone whose intense dark red, purple color gathers attention from every corner.

There is evidence that Rhodolite garnet stone was worn in ancient times. The best Rhodolite garnet gemstones are a vivid raspberry-red color.

The Rhodolite garnet stone was discovered from countries like Brazil, Madagascar, China, Kenya, and Tanzania. The fascinating color and unique brilliance of the Rhodolite gemstone qualifies this stone in the league of rare garnet stone.

The best looking raspberry Rhodolite gemstones are found from places like Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Besides, all of the above mentioned rare garnet stone types, there are other garnets as well, which falls in the category of special stone such as dermatoid garnet, due to its green color and distinct appearance is said to be rare garnet stone.

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