Wellness & Health Astrology Guide: Which Planets are responsible for Good Health?

Post Date: May 10, 2021

Wellness & Health Astrology Guide: Which Planets are responsible for Good Health?

Health is the state of complete physical, mental, social well-being and being free from mental disease and physical pain. Health is a vital part of our Life that we value only when we are not 100 percent fit. So a Astrology consultation for Health can be a good decisions especially during this times of Pandemic. Did you know that the position of the stars and planets during your birth can affect your Health and Wellness? Our blog shall let you dive deep into HEALTH ASTROLOGY and shall guide you on which which planet is responsible for good health.  While growing up you might hear the saying health is wealth but most people don’t know the actual meaning and most of them don’t realize how true this saying is !


Health Astrology by Date of Birth | Wellness Astrology

Indeed, the value of things can be realized only when we go through the situation and when things leave us. After the outbreak of coronavirus throughout the world and people are worried about their health issues. Now people have realized health is important in life, they are more focused and paying attention to have a healthy lifestyle. In this blog, we would like to give you information on how health is connected with astrology.



Can astrology predict health problems and injuries?

For several years, people have asked many questions related to their lifeline, professional, love, and relationship, marriage, success, childbirth, health, and well-being. In astrology, the life of a human is controlled by 12 houses. Yes, astrology can predict health problems and injuries, when someone suffers from any kind of health problem, astrology will help you out and give you remedies, and always have an answer-related problem. When the placement of bad planets affects bad houses, health problems occur. These planets have a bad influence on a person’s life but good planets help a person who is suffering from health issues to heal faster.

Despite the fact, all the planets good or bad, the sun and the moon also have a bad effect on a person’s health. People have to understand while predicting the health problems they have to know which planets can have a bad influence on a person’s body and in which part of the body can planet effects.


Which planet is responsible for good health?

We should know about which planets cause negative impact on our Life and Health and here is a detailed guide on it. Wellness and Health has been the priority of Astrology and everyone should make use of this Vedic knowledge and make best use of Astrology



Saturn is regarded as the signification of leg, teeth, and skin. Saturn in the horoscope of the person gives health problems and health complications. Physical weakness, joints pain, blindness is caused due to weak Saturn.



Jupiter is the planet that affects your liver, kidneys, ears, etc. Jupiter in the horoscope of the person gives health problems and health complications. It plays a vital role in giving diabetes to the person. A weak Jupiter also gives diseases related to ears, tongue, and memory.



Venus is associated with face, urine, throat, vision, etc. A person might have to suffer from a related disease during the Dasha of Venus.  Eye disorder, fever, blood loss is caused due to weak Venus.



Mars is related to blood, energy, the female body, etc. A person might have to suffer and get problems related to this disease.  Brain disorders, weak bones, piles, knee problems are also caused due to weak mars.



Rahu relates to body parts like legs, breathing, lungs, etc. It also gives problems related to breathing, lungs, legs, etc, and cancer is also caused due to Rahu.



Ketu is associated with your abdomen and stomach. It also gives diseases related to lungs, fever, physical weakness, etc.


  • SUN :

It also rules the stomach, heart, skin, head. A person might have to suffer and get problems related to this disease like high fever, weakness, and mental illness during the Dasha of sun. A weak sun also gives health Problems and health complications. Sun is related to problem in your Bones


  • MOON

Moon is regarded as the significator of heart and mind. It rules the heart, lungs, breast, and brain. Problems related to diabetes, sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, menstruation, cough, and vomiting are also caused due to a weak moon.


When these bad planets are placed in bad houses like the 12th house, 8th house, 6th house they will cause health problems and injuries



Health Prediction and Weakness as per your Zodiac Sign

Most of the health issues that a person might face in their present and future are indicated in his horoscope.  Here are the Health prediction and body parts associated with different zodiac signs. The type of health issue faced by people will always be answered by an astrologer. In health astrology, the different parts of the human body are connected with astrological signs, houses, and the planets. The human body is partly divided into 12 parts and each part is defined by one of the 12 zodiac signs from uppermost to the lowest parts of the body.

12 Zodiac signs related to health problem

Aries brains, face and head
Taurus neck, throat
Gemini nervous system and lungs
Cancer stomach and breast
Leo Heart and chest
Virgo digestive system
Libra skin and kidneys
Scorpio  excretory system
Sagittarius liver, hips and thighs
Capricorn knees and the skeletal system
Aquarius ankles and circulatory system
Pisces feet and the lymphatic system


The placements of these in several houses and planetary positions govern the nature of the person’s health as per their zodiac signs. And the signs placed in which house are an important factor to find out the person’s health.

Thus, and secondly now in pandemic situation everybody should check your health issues and should pay attention to have a healthy life ahead. The people who take astrologer consultancy and astrological remedies from time to time avoid serious health issues and overcome the situation.  Most of the health diseases can be treated and removed away from astrological remedies A simple step can lead to a healthier lifestyle.



The Connection Between Houses and Health

In Indian astrology, houses are also used to determine the kind of illness, causes, and the remedy of the problem. Each house abides for something different and the signs placed in which house are an important factor to find out the person’s health. The weakness of each house is calculated by health astrology.

Let’s focus on the connection between houses and health.

  • 1st house:

The first house is responsible for the physical body in general but also for the face.


  • 2nd house:

The second house is responsible for teeth, throat, neck, right eye, and the nerves and blood vessels that connect the throat and the neck


  • 3rd house:

The third house is responsible for the right ear, shoulders, lungs, breath, blood and the hands and their bones.


  • 4th house:

The fourth house is responsible for the last phase of life, the chest, breasts, ribs, stomach, and digestive system in general.


  • 5th house:

The fifth house is responsible for the heart, and mind.


  • 6th house:

The sixth house is responsible for kidneys, and stomach.


  • 7th house:

The seventh house is responsible for the naval cavity, skin, and waist region.


  • 8th house:

The eighth house is responsible for sexual organs, the urinary system, and the pelvic bones.


  • 9th house:

 The ninth house is responsible for the hips, thighs, and the nerves.


  • 10th house:

 The tenth house is responsible for knees, joints, hams, and other bones.


  • 11th house:

The eleventh house is responsible for the legs, ankles, blood circulation, and the left ear.


  • 12th house:

The twelfth house is responsible for feet, lymphatic system, and the left eye.









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