Post Date: December 20, 2021


The role of the 9 planets, the 12 zodiac signs and the 27 nakshatra is all that together decides what kind of life you will be living and experiencing.

When you take some action as per your free will, whether you want to use it properly or misuse it, is when these planets, nakshatra, zodiac signs make an arrangement to give you a particular kind of birth and make you go through good and bad phases of life.

Every instrument comes with a manual so that we can go through the manual and learn how to use the instrument but this body which is also an instrument for the Soul, it doesn’t come with a manual at the time of birth.

And hence in absence of a manual and out of ignorance the living entity goes crazy and performs actions out of ego and lack of intelligence. Ego means “Sense of knowing, when infact you know nothing”.

Even lord Brahma who is the 1st living entity and we all come from him, he himself also didn’t knew the reason of his own existence and only after great penance for thousands of years when Lord Vishnu appeared before him and Informed him the purpose of his life, is when Brahma realised because he enquired from Lord Vishnu.

But human being hardly try’s to find out the purpose of his life and simply under the influence of his materiel senses and under ignorance foolishly gets trapped under the cycle of pleasure and pain, this and that, his and mine, I won, he lost, birth and death etc.

The truth being the soul and super soul are basically one but due to ignorance the living entity firmly believes himself to be a separate entity.

Just how the space in a jar, the space in a room and the space in a small hole are all integral parts of one cosmic space (the divine or the infinite being), all these are but the infinite being in which there are no parts.

What ever you may call it, God, Lord, Divine, Infinite being, Shiva, Vishnu etc, thus these 9 Planets, the 27 nakshatra, the 12 signs all seems to be the incarnations of the Lord and which at the time of birth align in a particular position in the sky and which is as seen In your horoscope also to give you results.

Bharat B Bajaj


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