Post Date: November 12, 2020


I am Venus. I am pleasure, I am happiness, I am enjoyment and I am lifestyle. It’s only because of me you can experience all sorts of luxury and comforts. I am beauty and I am full of optimism.

I am graceful, I am your beautiful home. I am metro cities, I am the movie industry, I am style and attitude. I am your sex life. I am sugar and sweets and I am cosmetics too. I am your latest gadgets. I am ornaments and valuable goods.

I am your sense of fashion, I am your comfort zone, I am your partner, your boyfriend and your girl friend. I am creativity, I am an artist. I am your vacations.

If I am upset I can make you look ugly and not so good looking, I can take away all your happiness if I am angry. I can disturb your marriage, and disturb your family atmosphere. I can cause problems to you from the opposite sex. I can also give you health issues like diabetes, Kidney problems, skin problems, urinary track related problems etc.

I am also the Sanjeevani who can make you immortal, I can stop your ageing if i am pleased and If I bless you. I am Goddess Laxmi and I am also the comfort zone of lord Vishnu. I am Shukracharya the guru of demons. I am costly gem stones and I am also diamond. I am beautiful palaces. I am the pink rose. I am fragrance.

I can make your life hellish too and take away all your wealth and prosperity. I can make you feel sick and tired if I am not well placed in your chart. I am your expenses too.

Bharat B Bajaj

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