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Post Date: August 27, 2020


ARIES – They need mental stimulation and after trying to apply their mind to fulfil their desires and desires of others, they often face opposition and difference of opinion leading to anxiety and stress. For them fulfilling their bodily demands is most important.

TAURUS – They like to remain engaged dealing with family situations and relationships, trying to find a middle route and also like to focus on their financial matters and matters related to their children and loved ones. For them enjoying life is most important.

GEMINI – They are mentally so busy giving importance to self and trying to seek material pleasures and comforts because of which they often land into misunderstandings with others. They have excellent communication skills.
For them most important is seeking knowledge.

CANCER – They many times first spend and then think whether it was worth spending and hence they may often look forward to achieve something new as they don’t feel satisfied with what they have and hence seek something new. For them important is true love, feelings and attachment.

LEO – They like to socialise a lot and their focus is on how to fulfil their desires but having fulfilled they suddenly realise they have their duty towards their family and relatives too. They are supper talented. For them most important is their prestige and cannot take orders from others.

VIRGO – They are workaholic and try to give their best in what they do and then having accomplished what they want, then they love to indulge themselves into all sorts of comforts not thinking much about others around. But they are also very argumentative. For them being perfect is more important.

LIBRA – They love short and long travels and do not mind spending for the same, but later on they go into stress if their spendings go beyond limit. They love to enjoy their life. For them socialising is most important.

SCORPIO – They always keep analysing things and observe what’s happening around and then having found the vital information they want to take advantage and take pleasure out of it. As they are very curious and anxious, for them it’s important to reach to the bottom level of any subject.

SAGITTARIUS – They interact with many people in different walks of life and then they try to strike a deal with them for their own good and also for others and this trait in them gives them name, fame and success too. They are religiously inclined also and fond of travelling which is so important for them.

CAPRICORN – They like to help others but in the process land into difference of opinion and then they themselves are in a problem but some how luck favours them possibly because of their good deeds and religiousness and they escape from trouble situations most often. They are also concerned for the under privileged ones.

AQUARIUS – They seek true love and their past deeds always catch up with them very fast, good or bad, and then they seek ways trying to know how to rectify their past which is troubling them now. They have strong interest in the occult sciences and deep rooted subjects.

PISCES – They are most of the time happy go lucky and positive in their approach and because of which others easily get attracted towards them. But they also experience confusion when it comes to taking major decisions. They often live in their own illusionary world and are considered the most romantic sign of the zodiac belt.

Bharat B Bajaj

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