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Pearl ( Moti )

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Pearl is the most valued of the organic gems. Its ancient name is Mukta. A Pearl is a very special and exclusive gift of nature considered universally as the oldest known gem. The most valued come from the ocean and have a visible luster or sheen with the most common being white or cream with a rose overtone.

Moon planet is Lord of Pearl Gem, Cancer Zodiac ( Karka Rashi ). Pearl represents the queen in Astrology. The Pearl is often called the queen of the sea. The Pearl harmonizes Moon, the Moon which directly influences Emotions, Mind, Affluence, and Public. Wearing a Pearl can bring harmony and stability to these influences. Moon influences the Seasonal, Monthly and Daily Cycles and Rhythms in the physiology and our emotions and decision power.

One who possesses or wears a good pearl enjoys the blessings of Laksmi, the goddess of prosperity. This blessed one will live long and become free of evil, developing vitality and intelligence. He or she will achieve much renown and come to a high position due to the wisdom endowed by the pearl.

About diseases: The Moon, occupies a central role in the solar system and in our physiology. This influence is represented by the hypothalamus in our physiology which controls our behavior, our emotions, our hormonal and reproductive cycles and our body temperature. It nourishes the physiology like a mother or queen and occupies a central place in the centre of the brain with the thalamus.

Physical Properties of Pearl

The best pearls are moonlike, shining white in color, with a perfectly round, globular shape. They should be compact, with a high specific gravity, spotless and free from blemishes. The appearance should be lustrous and smooth. Pearls may be white, giving spiritual gifts, rosy, giving intelligence and power, yellow, bringing material prosperity. Black pearls are rare. Coppery or non-lustrous, dirty, cracked, misshapen or otherwise defective pearls should be avoided, but may be used in scarce situation.
It is simple Calcium carbonate, conchiolin and water ( CAC03,C3H18N9011,NH20 ). Crystal Structure is Orthorhombic. It has a specific gravity of 2.71 and Refractive Index is 1.53 – 1.68 and the hardness is 3 on the Moh’s scale. Pearls are sensitive to acid, dryness, humidity and so are less durable than many other gems.

Occurrence of Pearl

Pearls are found in Sri Lanka, India, Persian Gulf, Venezuela, Mexico and Australia. Australian pearls are generally considered less desirable. Sri Lankan pearls are considered the good and pearls from Basra gulf of Iraq are considered best in world and highly prized, Pearls from Bahrain are also highly prized. In India the best pearls come from Bay of Bengal and from Tuticorin in South India. Salty water pearl and Fresh water pearl and South sea pearl and are prevailing in market and are also good in quality.

Identification of Pearl

Pearls grow inside oysters and rarely elsewhere (bamboo, cobra, conch etc). Today cultured pearls are available which may be distinguished from genuine pearls by the bore, which is uniform in the genuine, but thin at the start and wide in the middle in the cultured pearl. Another difference is the structure, which is concentric in the genuine pearl, but parallel in the cultured. Natural pearls are also available. These are created like cultured pearls by the intentional insertion of foreign matter into the oyster, but mother-of-pearl is used rather than glass bead. natural pearls are better than cultured pearls, but both are acceptable if a genuine pearl is unavailable.
Imitation pearls made from fish scales are also sold, but these are not suitable for our purposes. Misshapen or otherwise defective pearls are not suitable either, although very small genuine pearls (too small for jewellery) may be powdered and used for medicinal purposes.

One very important factor, which anyone trying to identify a Gem should note, is that some “faults” are always present in a genuine Gem – their absence and not their presence should be a cause for concern. However, as a rule, any Gem should be shaped in a pleasing manner, lustrous, of pure color and fine texture. Pearls in particular should not be misshapen

Wearing Method of Pearl

Its very important before wearing any gemstone we should know it’s methods and importance for every stone. It should be washed with fresh milk of cow and sacred water ( Ganga Jal – found in Indian river named Ganga ) in the morning during Hora ( a type of Muhurt time ) of Moon planet on Monday, its the most preferable day to wear Pearl, and then while chanting the mantra it should be worn. Pearl should be used in Silver and Panchdhatu (mixture of five metal), should be worn in Little finger of right hand (for male), left hand (for female) or in neck also. The weight of Pearl should not be less than 2 Ratti ( one type scale of Indian weight ) for kids and 5 Ratti for adults or onwards in weight. More the weight of Pearl, greater its effect.

Substitute Gems of Pearl

Its very necessary to know about substitute gems, which can be also useful. These substitute gem also controls on their lord planet in finite effect. Hence, generally precious gems used for infinite effect. These substitute gems may be precious or semi-precious. So, It should be conformed that which gem is useful for you by your astrologer or gemologist.

Substitute Gems of Pearl: White Coral, Moon Stone, Rock Quartz etc.

Cordially you can also consult international standard’s Astrologers of our company for, How to wear your gem stone, wearing time ( Muhurt ) of gem, Chanting Process, Chanting Mantra of Moon planet, Endowment of Moon and all type of your astrologically doubts about your gem.

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