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Post Date: April 19, 2021


Just as the wood exists in furniture, heat exists in fire, liquidity exists in water, similar the energy of the celestial planets exist In the human body.

The object exists in the subject. The remedies like mantra chant, offering prayers to the celestial planets and different demigods exist till the desire to fulfill your materiel goals exist.

But when this notion of object is firmly removed and rejected from the subject , conciousness alone exists without any apparent or potential objectivity.

“Even the tendency to objectify ceases; this is freedom. In reality neither the objective universe, nor the perceiving self, nor perception as such, nor void, nor inertness exists; only one is, cosmic consciousness (cit)” – Sage Vasishth

So when you firmly reject and remove the idea of furniture, what remains is only wood. Thus if you firmly reject the idea of karma (which potentially gives rise to creating something and which has an end too) the mind itself will die, or in other words the material mind which is entangled in performing material deeds will die and only consciousness will alone remain.

Astrology and astrological time scales, the material planets, stars, constellations all these exist and do give results may be only if your consciousness is into materialism, only if you believe the reflection in the water to be real and you get disturbed by it or you like it.

Mortality is a concept risen out of your own Karma which includes all three types of karma ie.mental, physical and verbal.

Bharat B Bajaj


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