Numerology Predictions 2021 ~ Mercury Year Strengthen with Remedies by KARMIC COACH

Post Date: December 17, 2020

Numerology Predictions 2021 ~ Mercury Year Strengthen with Remedies by KARMIC COACH

As all we know coming New year 2021 is on the cards. We all suffered a lot in this year due to this COVID 19 pandemic , natural disasters and begging for mercy & relief to supreme god. So in this upcoming year, Good News for all of you to balance your life with full boomerang.

In numerology, 2021 = (2+0+2+1) = 5 represents mercury which is a young planet & like a Prince. Mercury provides balance to all the numbers as it is present in the Centre of numbers 1-9. Mercury Brings activity, movement & change in spheres of life.

Mercury is one of the charming, joyful, and prince planet. Mercury represents Communication, Intelligence , Travel , Expert in Maths, skills, media, creativity, dual personality, decision making, friends, sister, Teeth , Silver element, etc.

As Per Numerology, This year will be very auspicious for Destiny Numbers 1, 5 & 6. Destiny Number 4, 7 & 9 will slow down a bit with full care. Rest Numbers also have a good impact. 

As per Astrology, Rising sign Taurus, Gemini , Virgo & Libra will have a very auspicious year. 

As per Mundane, I must suggest to not invest in gold this year instead must invest in Silver & Steel articles as this mercury year represents silver element which will be on rise. A very high chance of Travelling sector , hospitality sector, interior, designing sector will Boom . For Students, auspicious time to crack the competition exams in this year. Our economical sector will take a rise after May 2021 and will be on full track after Nov. 2021 and Surely 2022 will be much recover &  marvellous year for all to rise and shine..

However, Mercury is Retrograde in almost 90% of the native in Kundli chart. So If your Mercury is weak , then you might be weak in studies, mathematics, logics, not smart enough to deal with problems, poor in decision making, etc.

To increase the power the mercury with some best practical remedies which i am sharing to you all here:

1. Donate Education To Poor People. Yes, you can donate books, pens, copies, notebooks to the poor and needy people (MUST DO PLEASE ITS A REQUEST )

2. Wear ‘Green Color Clothes’ on every Wednesday.

3. Wear Vidhara Root on Wednesday during Mercury Hora and Mercury Nakshatra.

4. Maintain a good relationship with your sister and siblings. Do offer them help or a gift

5. Do fasting & Pooja on every Wednesday (Ganesha ji). Do Mantra chanting of lord Buddha.

6. Wear Gemstone – Emerald or Rudraksha – 4 Mukhi helps in overcoming hurdles from life.

7. Take blessings from Kinnar (Transgenders). Gift Green Saree or Green bangles.

8. Do business of Mercury related articles. They are: silver, ready-made garments, oil, fruits, vegetables, poultry.

9. Swallow Tulsi leaf ( Dont Chew).Keep fast for 11 Wednesday and 11 Ekadasis.

10. Dont Keep Birds & specially Parrot, Rusted iron, Rubber plant, Money plant, Tabla, Sitar, Guitar, Violin etc.

Inspite of all, Dont Forget to do hard work with full discipline, Do good karmic deeds & Grab opportunity in a swing.

                                                          Wish u all a very Happy New Year 2021.

                                            OM SHANTI & HARE KRISHA TO ALL BLESSED SOULS.





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