Numerology 2022 Predictions ~ Karmic Coach

Post Date: December 21, 2021

Numerology 2022 Predictions ~ Karmic Coach

Hare Krishna Friends !!! Year 2021 is coming to an end very shortly. Rise above for Welcoming Venus 2022 !!! Wishing u a very happy New year.

We are again welcoming you here to share our Numerological predictions for Year 2022 with some solid points along with sincere remedies.

Well 2022 number total come to number 6 on which there are total three times “2” in it. Number 6 represent Venus which signify wealth, beauty, finance, love, entertainment, etc. which means this entire year VENUS will influence on our lives & number 2 represent moon which is soft, flexible & weak Planet which swings so fast in our mind. Due to the influence of number 2 make 6, cumulatively this year will begin with both depressive & progressive acts on many end.

2022 will be the year of growth and prosperity for India. Banking/Finance Sector can make progress in the year 2022. IT business, online business & technology business, real estate industry will definitely make progress. It will be better year as compared to last year 2021. Number 6 makes a person to spend money a lot which treat as a shopping year 2022. This year hotel business, tour & travel business will also gain upwards. Boom in Entertainment sector can expect. This year is of family gatherings. Ladies who planned a lot about diamond, jewellery, silver/gold ornaments last year can buy during this year 2022. The presence of closed ones will help in strengthening relationships and a harmonious environment. This year you can expect new relationships to spread strongly and love marriages will shine. I strongly expect 2022 definitely the year to shine & flourish.

On the contrary, Emotionally this year people will become very weak, suicidal tendency and depressive state of mind can see in the young generation. Strict time to motivate them, indulge them in physical activities. Don’t leave them alone, someone should stay with them because influence of number 6 & number 2 will weaken their mind strongly. Doing physical activities like Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Pranayam is very much essential in this year as compared to last year which helps to channelize people to walk in a right path/platform. Try to keep yourself as busy as you can to avoid any negative thoughts.

Now lets come to the predictions Psychic number wise: ( Date Of Birth)

Number 1 : Little Bit Careful in this year.

Number 2: Cautious in this year.

Number 3: Very Good

Number 4: Very Good

Number 5: Very Good

Number 6: Take Precautions

Number 7: Take Precautions

Number 8: Good

Number 9: Good

*Taurus & Libra People can feel good & make his presence as this Zodiac signs represents itself a Venus planet.


Number 6 is venus which is white in colour & day represent Friday. So you can prefer white colour to wear especially on Friday. Silk clothes can be worn. White things you can donate to keep venus planet happy. Chant beej mantra of  Venus planet & serve mata Lakshmi on Friday. You should always do donations & good deeds to nullify your bad karmic patterns in this life.

So that’s all we have in this blog, these are all probabilities. We all should play safe so that life is wonderful & nice. Thanks you all..

Om Shanti & Hare Krishna to all Blessed Souls..



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