How impactful is Name Change Astrology? Is Your Name fortunate? Find Out from the Experts

Post Date: November 26, 2021

How impactful is Name Change Astrology? Is Your Name fortunate? Find Out from the Experts

Can change of name change fate? Know from the Experts

Numbers are related to energy and give similar results. That’s why many times numerologists try to connect people with new energy by advising them to change the word configuration of their name. firstly let me tell you that each name has a digit, which comes by adding the digits of the letter of the name, like if Rahul’s number is 6, then the number 6 signifies the planet Venus. If the position of Venus in a person’s horoscope is strong, then this number is definitely lucky for him. But a situation also arises that Venus is weak and giving bad results in that person’s horoscope. In such a situation the number ‘6’ of the name can create obstacles in the attainment of things related to Venus in life. Sometimes this condition even gives diabetes disease.


In this situation, to eliminate the problems, by changing the word configuration of the name, it is successful in changing its number, and the new number gets benefits related to the planet it symbolizes. similarly, if any events happen in the country, society or institution under the influence of the number, then with astrological knowledge we can either reduce or reduce its effect, but cannot change its real nature. For example, it is believed that Numbers 4 and 8 when they come together bring tragedy. Like these two numbers came together in 1984 and many big events happened in that year.


Numerology actually works on the principle of curves, which attract similar and similar phenomena. This is the reason why similar events happen under the influence of a particular number. e.g., the year 2001, whose digit is 3, this year if it is auspicious for someone, then it is possible that the same number will again be beneficial in 2019. Therefore, if numbers are giving auspicious results in your life, then again and again they will give auspicious results. And if someone is giving inauspicious results, then use that number .There was also a time when people used to pay more attention to work rather than their name, but seeing the changing trend of youth in this regard, it seems that now the importance of name has become more for them than before and that’s why they are trying to change their previously kept names.


Now the question comes that why the youth need to change the name! In fact, there are many aspects to this question. In most of the cases of name change, it is the girls who are changing their name and the biggest reason for this is that in almost all religions, where the father’s surname or surname is used with the girls’ names before marriage, the husband’s surname starts after marriage. In such cases, normally his surname is changed. in some families there is also a tradition to change the name of the girl after marriage.

In some cases, people also change names because their names do not have the father’s name or surname attached to them. In the beginning, this thing is not taken into account, but later on growing up or when needed, they get this feeling. It happens that their surname should also be with the name. That’s why people change their names. Many times, people change their name on the advice of an astrologer to change their luck.

The name is that on hearing which the person or animal wakes up or starts looking back. A person’s name is spoken repeatedly, so it has a great impact on us.In astrology, only the first letter of the name matters, but in numerology, the spelling of the whole name has significance. People try to keep names keeping in mind their Radix and Bhagyank.


Young people sometimes change their full name from Astro Region or sometimes they make slight manipulations or change in spelling in their old name itself. Such people sometimes add something to change the name and sometimes reduce some. In this, the number that comes by adding the digits of his name is also lucky according to the zodiac.


Sometimes people also make slight changes in the name because the spelling of their old name is wrong and when they come to know about this, they also start believing that the wrongly spelled name brings obstruction in their personality. In such cases also people change their name. Although keeping or changing the name is completely personal matter and anyone can change his name at any time but as far as change according to the new name in government documents, certificates, accounts etc when it comes to getting it done, some rules and regulations have to be followed for this.


To change the name, the person has to give information in this regard along with ‘affidavit’ by giving his details in any two national newspapers.

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