MANGALSUTRA and its wonderful astrological significance

Post Date: February 25, 2021

MANGALSUTRA and its wonderful astrological significance

Married woman who has Mangal dosh in horoscope should definitely wear a mangalsutra. This isn’t just superstition.

There is nothing to get scared of from Mangal dosh. Mangal is planet Mars, it only means that Mars in your horoscope is a bit over charged and hence it may cause a negative impact on your life. When your mars is overcharged it may effect your relationship with your life partner.

This is the reason in older times it was s common practice for married woman to wear a mangalsutra. But why mangalsutra ?.

Mangalsutra mainly contains black beads. By wearing Mangalsutra you are inviting Saturn (black beads) to protect you and your husband, as planet Saturn is a bitter enemy of planet Mars. Black beads are nothing but Saturn.

The problem is these days mangalsutra contains more gold then black beads which is not effective. A mangalsutra with lot of gold is of no use because there are less black beads and Saturn won’t be able to act as a protector. And also by putting more gold then beads, it only aggravates the negative energy because gold makes it hot and aggressive. The traditional mangalsutra contained maximum black beads with negligible gold and that is the correct way to wear it.

But due to change in fashion trends the gold content went up and beads reduced which doesn’t solve the purpose of wearing it. And anyways, these days wearing mangalsutra is out of fashion.

Further astrologically gold also represents sun which is also a bitter enemy of Saturn. So again Saturn will not be allowed to protect your partner in case mars wants to attack him. Because Sun and mars both are hot planets and Saturn alone won’t be able to face his two bitter enemies.

Bharat B Bajaj


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